FlipTop Battle League

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Ahon 10

By Dante Romero

   It’s almost December, and aside from Christmas, Pinoy Hiphop heads and battle rap fans are also looking forward to FlipTop’s Ahon. Since it’s the tenth event, everyone is expecting December 13 and 14 to be filled with surprises and historic moments. Based on the lineup, it looks like it will definitely deliver.

   We’re still a few weeks away from this momentous occasion, and if you’re still thinking about watching live, let us convince you. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should be part of Ahon 10 at Tiu Theater in Makati. For those who will be attending, make sure you show this to your friends who are still having second thoughts.

10. It's a celebration!

   The first Ahon was held in a small bar somewhere in Pasig. Fast forward to the present, FlipTop events are now taking place in venues that can fit over a thousand people. The league is now bigger than ever, and it’s definitely worth celebrating. This event is named Ahon (“ascent” in English) to commemorate the success of not only FlipTop, but also the local scene as a whole. Once you step inside Tiu Theater, you’ll instantly feel that Pinoy Hiphop is very much alive!

9. A break from the many downs of 2019

   2019 gave FlipTop plenty of memorable moments, but no one can deny there were many lows as well. Some emcees went through the most terrible situations while one was taken away from us. Let’s continue helping them and their loved ones in any way we can. Hopefully, we will no longer be hearing any more bad news after this.

  Ahon 10 is where you can temporarily forget about all the negative things that happened recently. Interact with the crowd and your favorite rappers, listen to quality Hiphop music, and enjoy 20 potentially classic battles. It’s the perfect way to end this rollercoaster year.


8. Official merch available

   T-shirts from different local brands, albums of your favorite FlipTop artists, and many other items are available at the event. You can buy stuff for yourself or for your family and friends who couldn’t make it. Purchasing merch is without a doubt another great way to show your support to the Pinoy Hiphop scene. Don’t forget to bring extra cash.

7. Good Hiphop music and a turntablism showcase

   Apart from the dope battles, another highlight of Ahon is the DJ sets.  These legendary turntablists will provide solid tunes while you take a break from the matches. They will also showcase the art of scratching and beat juggling, which have always been a part of DJing. If you’re new to Hiphop culture, this is a good opportunity for you to know more about the music side.


6. The league's best lyricists are here

   You got Isabuhay champions, respected veterans, promising newcomers, and the best technical emcees. What more can you ask for? Ahon 10 is guaranteed to be a two-day barfest. Expect match of the year contenders as well as various punchlines that will raise the bar for battle rap. The crowd is sure to be wild too. Speaking of which…   

5. An energetic crowd

   If the audience reaction from all the videos doesn’t get you pumped up, then something is clearly wrong with you. Ahon is one of FlipTop’s biggest events, and the crowd is very much aware of that. From the first battle to the main event, everyone in the venue will make sure that they give their most passionate reaction. Don’t be ashamed to cheer for your favorite rappers, just as long as you react accordingly.

4. Ahon debut of up-and-coming emcees

   This will be the first Ahon of the following emcees: Zend Luke, GL, Lil Weng, Youngone, Yuniko, Pen Pluma, J-Blaque, Duma, and Numerhus. They all have been killing it in FlipTop so far, and now that they’re part of this big event, you can expect them to top their previous performances. Who knows? You might see the next Isabuhay champion.

3. Diverse lineup of battles

   Different styles of battling will be represented at Ahon 10. Fans of comedy will certainly enjoy Hazky vs. Nikki, Jonas vs. Range, and Cripli vs. J-King. If pure technicality is what you’re looking for, you will get that from Batas vs. Tipsy D, Sayadd vs. Ilaya, Apoc vs. Lanzeta, and Zend Luke vs. GL to name a few. Damsa vs. Numerhus is for those who want to see an awe-inspiring display of flow and delivery.

   Zaito vs. Tweng, Towpher vs. Marshall Bonifacio, and Mhot vs. Kregga have the potential to steal the show. Who wouldn’t want to witness a good old styles clash? If you want a mixture of jokes and serious bars, then don’t miss Poison13 vs. G-Clown, Plazma vs. Sur Henyo, and more. There’s also a special royal rumble and the Isabuhay finals, which will be talking about next…

2. Royal Rumble in honor of LilJohn

   Five members from 3GS will be facing off in a Royal Rumble match to honor their fallen brother LilJohn. We all laughed out loud from LilJohn’s jokes, and for sure his crewmates will pay tribute to his creativity. There will be plenty of funny moments here, but expect a few lines that will leave you sobbing as well. Let’s keep the legacy of FlipTop’s Oyoboy alive by showing our full support to this battle.

1. The Isabuhay finals

   Unpredictable is the word that best describes the finals of the 2019 Isabuhay Tournament. Sixth Threat’s performance on the previous rounds undoubtedly left us all in awe. He went from underrated to being one of the biggest threats in the league. You can feel the hunger in his delivery, and there’s no denying that he will go all out once again on December 14.

   Apekz is already considered a heavyweight in FlipTop. The only thing missing from him is the championship title. Just like his opponent, he showed dominance from the first round to the semis, and he will surely try to do the same in the finals. Who will be called the winner by the end of the night? Us fans of battle rap!

   So have you decided already? If yes, then we’re looking forward to seeing you in this epic two-day affair. Keep on checking FlipTop’s Facebook page for updates regarding pre-sale tickets as well as other information. The pre-event review will be posted very soon.  Enjoy the rest of the week. Peace ya’ll!