2019 Pinoy Hiphop Releases So Far

By Dante Romero

  2018 was an awesome time for Pinoy Hiphop, but it looks like 2019 will be much, much better. Ever since January, up-and-coming and veteran artists have been putting out quality projects. To make things easier for you, we have compiled the new releases of the year so far. Better get your playlist ready. There are TONS for you to enjoy. Let’s begin with three full-length albums, two EP’s, and a mixtape:

Pricetagg – Barcode

   Pricetagg reps Gangsta Rap to the fullest in his debut album called “Barcode”. Prepare to be impressed by the undefeated FlipTop emcee’s intricate rhymes and unpredictable flow. As for the production from Mark Beats and NEXXFRIDAY, expect a clever mix of old school and modern Hiphop.  You can get a physical copy of the album at gigs or by sending a message to Pricetagg’s FB page. It’s also available on YouTube and Spotify.

Assembly Generals – Fatigue

   After a solid self-titled debut LP, Assembly Generals is back once again with “Fatigue”. Joining the already-impressive lineup is femcee Peaceful Gemini, who spits her best lines to date. Get hyped up with not only quality lyricism, but also the mesmerizing instrumentals from the band. Drop a PM on their Facebook page for a copy of the album. Of course, they will also be selling CD’s at their shows.

AKT – Personality in Disorder

   AKT, formerly known as Nico in FlipTop, has finally dropped his debut record. The title says it all. “Personality in Disorder” features the rapper sharing his deepest and darkest thoughts with absolutely no compromise. It’s like listening to the rants of a madman with ominous sounds playing in the background. If you’re looking for a different kind of Hiphop, then get a copy of this album at AKT’s gigs or through his artist page

Bugoy Na Koykoy –  Departures & Arrivals

   Bugoy Na Koykoy keeps putting in work. Last month, he released his 27th mixtape entitled “Departures & Arrivals”. Expect to hear street anthems with a healthy dose of Bugoy’s witty punchlines and clever rhyme schemes. There are so many quotable bars here, making it an exciting listening experience. Download the whole mixtape for free in this link

Kaz – Piyesa

   Kaz is just starting out in the rap game, but he will certainly go places. He began 2019 on a high note thanks to his solo EP “Piyesa”. The Taguig-based emcee wholeheartedly raps about his personal experiences with well-made gloomy beats, which are all produced by him. Stream the whole project on Kaz’s Soundcloud page

Klassy – Dirty Cortez

   Fil-am femcee Klassy took the scene by storm in her debut solo EP “Dirty Cortez”. Whether it’s a socio-political, personal, or battle-oriented track, Klassy is sure to amaze you with her complex lyricism and remarkable flow. The beats are mostly inspired by 90’s Hiphop, so expect a fun trip down memory lane. Listen and purchase the EP here.   

   Music videos made a huge impact in the start of the year as well. Nine have been uploaded so far, each of which continue to gain more views. Check these out if you haven’t yet: 

Mark Beats – Lokal

   Producer Mark Beats gathered some of the most well-known lyricists in Pinoy Hiphop to create the straight fire posse track called “Lokal”. J. Estacio directed the official music video, which was released on the first week of January 2019. The sight of legends and up-and-comers spitting their sickest lines in one song is enough to call it a classic. Over 400,000 have seen it on YouTube, but it’s guaranteed to attract more viewers in the coming months. 

Psychedelic Boyz – Lysergic

   Psychedelic Boyz shocked everyone in late 2018 with their “Ultimatum” music video. Fast forward to the 31st of January 2019, they dropped another potentially viral MV for their song “Lysergic”, which is also directed by J. Estacio. It has the same sinister vibe as“Ultimatum”, but the trippy images made it even more bizarre (in a good way).    

Owfuck – Ra$on

   2019 is already looking good for rap group Owfuck. They finally dropped the music video for their song “Ra$on” with AOJ on the director’s chair. Watch the group navigate through the jungle and the streets while they share their personal thoughts on a chill beat. It’s a departure from their usual hype tracks, so props to them for doing something different.

M Zhayt – Doble Kara and Sariling Mundo

   Early January, M Zhayt already proved that he’s serious when it comes to his craft. He released two music videos, which he also directed. “Doble Kara” and “Sariling Mundo” showcases not only his lyrical ability, but his filmmaking skills as well. Much respect to M Zhayt for expanding his horizons. Let’s hope it will inspire other artists to do the same.  

Kartell’em – Posse

   Supergroup Kartell’em is ready to take over 2019 with their latest music video directed by Ken Yamaguchi. “Posse” has that grimey feel to it, reminiscent of old school East Coast Hiphop MV’s. Enjoy the street art visuals while taking in the solid verses of each emcee. If you’re unfamiliar with them, this is the perfect introduction to the crew. 

Zargon – Kumusta Na Pilipinas?

   Veteran Zargon keeps it gangsta while providing a bit of social commentary in his latest joint “Kamusta Na Pilipinas?” The music video, directed by Adrianne Talavera, shows Zargon walking around the streets of Milan and chilling with his Filipino homies. It brings to life the concept of the song, which is an open letter to the Philippines from an OFW. 

Kiyo feat. Space Moses – G

   Kiyo and Space Moses’ deeply personal song “G” gained a strong following upon its release. It became much bigger in January thanks to its music video from Yukihiro Rubio. The MV strays from traditional story-telling and uses a more abstract approach, which instantly makes it standout. Feel free to come up with your own interpretation while admiring the rhymes and the music. 

Rjay Ty – Hit The Spot

   Ken Yamaguchi is back on the director’s chair again for the music video of Rjay Ty’s banger “Hit The Spot”. Much like Kartelle’em’s “Posse”, this one also has that old school Hiphop vibe. It features mostly visuals of Rjay Ty just rapping his heart out, but thanks to the addition of kaleidoscope-style shots, it became more unique. 

Lhipkram feat. Bj Prowel – Buti Nalang

   Lhipkram and BJ Prowel’s track “Buti Nalang” was a surprise hit in 2017, and with the release of its music video on the 5th of February 2019, it has a huge chance of gaining more supporters. The MV has a simple love story concept, but the editing as well as Mrbrown’s direction managed to keep it interesting. Who wouldn’t appreciate the feel-good moment at the end? 

Gold Souls – Bersus

   Just yesterday, Gold Souls uploaded the music video for their track “Bersus”, which is from their 2018 album “Alibi”. It’s directed by Gawen Fuji, and once you press play, you will quickly notice its uniqueness. Instead of the typical posse and street shots, this MV decided to go experimental with each scene. Get ready to be astounded by abstract images while appreciating the sick lyrics and instrumental.  

   Of course, there are also plenty of new singles for you to bob your heads to. If you dig these tracks, make sure you spread the word. These artists deserve to be heard. 

Owfuck feat. Apoc and Kjah – Hamon

   Apart from their “Ra$on” music video, Owfuck also made waves in the start of 2019 with “Hamon”. Joining them in this braggadocio anthem are Uprising artists Kjah and Apoc, who also produced the beat.  Each emcee showcased their dope rhyme schemes and flow on a solid boom bap instrumental. In other words, everyone killed it! 

Kris Delano – AlterEgo

   Kris Delano starts his year off with a new single entitled “AlterEgo”. Mark Beats’ instrumental complements the song’s concept, which is a description of a psychedelic trip. Delano maintains his trademark delivery, but introduces a more figurative style to his writing. It’s definitely one of his most unique tracks.  

BLKD – Maghimagsik

   BLKD kicks off 2019 with a remix of his old song “Maghimagsik”. He teams up with NOFACE Records producer Mocksmile to recreate this gem, which stays relevant up to now. Bounce to the dark Trap sound and let BLKD inspire you to stand up against the wrongdoings of the government. This joint contains the highly quotable line “walang mali sa pag-laban, may mali kaya lumaban!”

Kaz – Sining

   Right after releasing “Piyesa” EP, Kaz addresses his detractors in his new track called “Sining”. If that’s not the definition of hard work, we don’t know what is. Soupherb’s laidback boom bap sound fits perfectly with the simple yet effective rhymes. This track also showcases the major improvement in Kaz’s delivery. “Sining” can only be heard on Soundcloud for now.   

$ean of Tugmang Krimen – Syota Ko Na Nag Dodoobi

   $ean from Gensan-based rap group Tugmang Krimen just came out with his solo joint “Syota Ko Na Nag Dodoobi”. It’s a simple concept, but the catchy Trap beat and lyrics as well as the playful flow still make it a good listen. This has the potential to become the stoner anthem of 2019. Light it up!  

Iwa – Baboy

   Newcomers Inkubus and Hirui Seki, collectively known as Iwa, uploaded their latest track last week entitled “Baboy”. This song is from their upcoming EP, and it’s an unapologetic diss to all dirty politicians. Inkubus will immediately catch your attention with his angry delivery and confrontational bars. Hirui Seki’s beat is similar to the early works of RZA and Stoupe, so prepare for a straight up hardcore sound. 

Loonie feat. Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas – Tunay Na Tabloidista

   FlipTop heavyweight Loonie and legendary Jazz band Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas join forces to promote Abante, a long-running Philippine tabloid. You might think that “Tunay Na Tabloidista” is just a generic commercial, but Loonie made it more interesting by incorporating his captivating flow and multisyllabic rhymes. You can listen to the whole song on YouTube. 

   Did we miss something? If yes, just let us know in the comments section. To the artists mentioned above, much respect for keeping the scene alive. We hope to hear more from you all soon. To those who have yet to release a project, it’s all good! There’s still plenty of time. 2019 is certainly off to a good start, and hopefully, everyone will keep the momentum going. Peace!