2019 Pinoy Hiphop Releases So Far (Part 2)

By Dante Romero

   Last February, we published an article about the latest releases of the year so far. The list was jam-packed, which is proof that Pinoy Hiphop is stronger than ever.  Five months later, more and more artists came out with new projects, and we’re not surprised at all. It looks like this genre has no plans of slowing down.

   Since it’s our duty to promote the local scene, we’ve decided to create a part 2 of the above-mentioned piece. There’s something for every Hiphop head here, from Hardcore to love rap. Let’s start off with some albums and EP’s:

Kolateral – Self titled

   BLKD, Calix, and many other local artists team up to show the horrors of the Philippine government’s controversial war on drugs in “Kolateral”. The album is backed by over two years of research, which includes media reports and interviews with members of different communities. Read our track-by-track review here.

KMG – Underneath the Cranium

   Uprising and Promdi Collective’s KMG displays his solid beatmaking skills in his solo album “Unerneath The Cranium”. Let this instrumental LP take you on a trip to different sounds of Hiphop. You can stream it online or buy it on cassette.

Gat Dang Crooks – Modus Operandi

   Raw beats and cutthroat rhymes are the main ingredients of Gat Dang Crooks’ latest album “Modus Operandi”. This is the perfect LP to listen to if you’re looking for that Pinoy street style rap. Play it on YouTube or buy the CD.

Kalawakan Krew – Astral Odyssey

   Davao’s Kalawakan Krew is in full force in their debut LP “Astral Odyssey”. It consists of 9 tracks, all of which represent pure Leftfield Hiphop. Be mesmerized not only by the unorthodox beats, but by the unique and complex lyricism as well.  

Dosage – Yugto

   Kalawakan Krew’s Dosage is known not only for his thought-provoking bars, but also for his out-of-this-world production. If you’re curious about the latter, then this is the album for you. “Yugto” highlights Dosage’s atmospheric beats, urging you to nod your head.

Singleshot – Undefined

   It’s another solo release from a Kalawakan Krew representative.  Singleshot’s “Undefined” contains 7 songs that define the underground sound. Get ready to be amazed by the intricate rhymes and dark beats.

Writers’ Block Mindanao – Mind The Now BeatTape

   After last year’s successful Mind The Now compilation album, the Mindanao chapter of Writers’ Block decided to do a sequel. This time, the focus is on the island’s most renowned producers. Cop it on Bandcamp and enjoy 11 tracks of dope Hiphop beats.

Space Impakto – Lifespan EP

   2019 is definitely the year of Space Impakto. Apart from rocking a bunch of shows, he also released his debut EP entitled “Lifespan”. Let Space enthrall you as he showcases his unique bars and flow over amazing boom bap and trap instrumentals.

Ejac x Buddahbeads – KSYSYN EP

   Ejac and Buddahbeads continue to make moves in 2019. Last May, they released their EP “KSYSYN”. The duo spits their best Tagalog rap bars to date with help from some of the country’s most renowned boom bap beatsmiths.

Gloc-9 – TULAy EP

   Gloc-9 proved once again why he’s a Pinoy rap heavyweight. In “TULAy EP”, the veteran provided us with more potential hit songs without abandoning his remarkable flow and lyricism. Hopefully, we’ll hear a full-length album from him soon!

Bawal Clan – Nightmare on 66

   Bawal Clan immediately made waves last year with their debut album “Paid In Bawal”. On the 6th of June 2019, the supergroup surprised the Hiphop community when they dropped their second LP “Nightmare on 66”. Club bangers and street anthems await you in this one!

Pio Balbuena – Vision 20/20

   After appearing in various TV shows and movies, Pio Balbuena returns to rapping in 2019 with his LP “Vision 20/20”. He brings his signature Conscious Rap style with a Pinoy flavor, making every track relatable. Make sure you also check out the music videos in his YouTube channel.

Kaz – Ulap at Gusali

   Kaz remains to be one of the most hardworking emcees this year. Three months after dropping his “Piyesa” EP, he followed it up with a full-length album called “Ulap at Gusali”. Listen as he talks about various topics with his impressive rhyming style and sick instrumentals.

Johnny Paradox – Paradox Takes On The World

   Cavite’s Johnny Paradox proves that he’s a double-edged sword in “Paradox Takes On The World”. The album showcases his English and Tagalog writing skills as well as his highly impressive flow. It would be an injustice to sleep on this record.

Droppout & Rhyne – Unicorn Gang EP

   If you just want a fun listening experience, then check out this EP from Droppout and Rhyne. “Unicorn Gang” is sure to please your ears with its catchy lyrics and modern pop rap beats. The duo’s chemistry also played a huge part in the success of this EP.  

   So do you still have enough space in your playlist? Here are a few notable singles that came out recently. Some tracks include a music video. Make sure you also check them out!

No Mannas – Sa Baso

   Rap group No Mannas started the year off with a bang. In their single “Sa Baso”, the Antipolo-based emcees showcased their one-of-a-kind styles on an infectious Trap sound. This has the potential to be a club anthem.

Shanti Dope – Amatz

   In “Amatz”, Shanti Dope tells us how music gives him a natural high. He maintains his incredible flow and playful lines over Klumcee’s mesmerizing production. Despite the track’s issue with a certain agency, it still managed to become a hit among fans nationwide.

1Kiao – Dyamanteng Magaspang

   1Kiao (Lanzeta, Invictus, and Prolet) tells the harsh truth about extrajudicial killings in the country. The trio effortlessly unleashes their sharp rhymes and awe-inspiring flow on Mocksmile’s sinister experimental beat. “Dyamanteng Magaspang” will surely go down as one of the most powerful protest songs this year.

CLR – ‘Yokona

   No one can deny that CLR is taking over 2019. After gaining recognition in Pricetagg’s “Kontrabida”, he immediately followed it up with a new joint entitled “’Yokona”. Take in Shortone’s incredible R&B sound while appreciating CLR’s masterful words and melody.

Because – Direk

   In 2019, Because remains to be one of the best Trapsoul artists in the local scene. His latest song “Direk” is proof of his mastery of the genre. The music video (directed by Madelaine Red) became an instant hit, thanks to its very relatable high school setting and storyline.

Asser & Makii – Di Man Lang

   They’re known for their ruthlessness on the battle stage, but you will see a different side of them in “Di Man Lang”. Asser and Makii made an effective love song while maintaining their solid lyricism. Muffin’s production succeeded in creating the perfect mood for the track.

J-Kid, AKT, Exclusiv, Kintab Talas, Prophecee, Tres Diablos, and Righteous One – WASAK!

   “WASAK!” is arguably the greatest introduction to Morobeats’ stacked roster. The posse track features seven emcees unleashing their furious anger on wack emcees. Medmessiah’s hardcore beat will also make you nod in approval.

Emar Industriya – Morpema

   Uprising’s Emar Industriya left us in awe again with the music video for his song “Morpema” (directed by Mong Feliciano). The MV’s dark theme suits Emar’s brooding style perfectly. Marvel at the visuals while you appreciate the deep lyrics and hard-hitting production.


   “G.G.N.P” is another street anthem brought to you by Lexus, Astro, and Paul Cassimir. On a gloomy trap beat, OWFUCK vows to keep hustling until they make it big. Don’t forget to also show some love to the creative music video from Axl Flores. 

Geo Ong – Pekeng Kaibigan

   Geo Ong is still trending in 2019! His latest single “Pekeng Kaibigan” came out in February, and it now has over 3 million hits. The rapper mercilessly destroys the backstabbers and fakes with a simple yet effective trap instrumental.

KJah x Juss Rye feat. – Hindi Susuko

   KJah and Juss Rye join forces for the album “Pamantayan”, which will be out very soon. Last month, they released the first single “Hindi Susuko” featuring Kean Cipriano of Callalily. You will quickly get hooked by KJah’s poetic verses, Kean’s catchy hook, and Juss Rye’s laidback production.

Mob – Still

   187 Mobstaz is here to stay! “Still” sees the biggest names in the label spitting heavy bars back-to-back. The posse track is accompanied by an equally great old school style music video courtesy of Frame Up MNL.

Kartell’em – Donat

   Kartelle’em gives us a lesson about the dangers of dealing drugs in their single “Donat”. Ken Yamaguchi directed the music video, and it features the group roaming around the dark corners of the streets. The images perfectly capture the track’s menacing feel.

Ne7in – Who This?

   Ne7in of Kartell’em makes his presence known in his brand new solo track. “Who This?” sees the rapper delivering unique braggadocio bars on JWuds’ beat - a wonderful combination of boom bap and trap. The trippy music video from Louie Ong is also worth checking out.

Aklas – Toarubs

   In his latest song “Toarubs”, Aklas talks about the downward spiral brought upon by drug addiction. His words become more effective thanks to Dosage’s heavy boom bap sound. Rjay Javier directed the music video, and it provides the perfect imagery for the track.

Jon Protege feat. Audible MCs– The Beatdown

   Jon Protege and the rest of the Audible MC’s (Liquid, One3D, and PJ) made a huge comeback last May with their song “The Beatdown”. Despite the laid back beat, they all dropped their hardest verses so far. The one-shot music video from Raymond Dacones and Trina Razon did a good job in highlighting each lyricist.

Juss Rye feat. Kemikal Ali, Mike Kosa, KJah – Pasa Pasa

   Pasa Pasa” is the single from Juss Rye’s upcoming “90Nice” album. The SVC representative provided the amazing boom bap sound while Kemikal Ali, Mike Kosa, and KJah contributed their straight fire verses. As for the MV from Mong Feliciano and co., it successfully captures the song’s basketball reference.

Loonie feat. Ron Henley – Ganid

   Loonie and Ron Henley are out for blood in their newest banger “Ganid”. The two rappers expressed their hatred for culture vultures through Klumcee’s aggressive production. Loonie himself directed the official music video, which sees the duo punishing greedy record label execs.

Jonas feat. Jhack – Buti Na Lang

   Jonas tells a love story with a comedic twist in “Buti Na Lang”. Jhack sings the chorus, which has a huge chance of giving you last song syndrome. Expect more laughs when you watch the entertaining music video from Brown Roswell.

Kintab Talas x Medmessiah – Pinsala

   Are you in the mood for some pure hardcore Hiphop? Check out Kintab Talas’ “Pinasala” and enjoy the ruthless punchlines and total aggression for over two minutes. Medmessiah blessed the track with his top-notch boom bap sound.

Buqnoy – Nanlaban

   Buqnoy shows his remarkable storytelling skills on KMG’s Jazzy type beat. “Nanlaban” tells the tale of a man struggling with poverty who ended up being an innocent victim of extrajudicial killings. The video from Alvin Guido Dela Cruz and Mc David Tadeja Domingo is filled with impressive symbolisms, so repeated viewing is a must.

Throw feat. Deno – Ulan

   “Ulan” from Cavite emcees Throw and Deno is without a doubt one of the most unique tracks released this year. It features a conversation between two rappers about which path to take in the music scene on a smooth boom bap beat. ROE’s music video is not only beautifully shot, but also adds the right atmosphere to the topic.  

3 Digitz – Pilipinong Wack

   Davao-based crew 3 Digitz (Sixth Threat, Jr Zero, and JaiRasta) released their third single entitled “Pilipinong Wack”. On a catch trap beat, they verbally annihilated weak emcees with their awe-inspiring pen game and flow. Some of the rappers they described certainly sound familiar!

M Zhayt – Magta

   After the success of his solo album “Moderno”, M Zhayt quickly returned with a brand new single called “Magta”. The 2017 Dos Por Dos Champion, using his clever rhymes and tiptop flow, exposes fake friends on a heavy-hitting instrumental from Cursebox Production. The music video may have a simple concept, but the beat and lyrics are enough to make it a must-see.

Psychedelic Boyz – Rawstarr ‘Til I Die (Batang Pasaway)

   Psychedelic Boyz is certainly not taking a break in 2019. They collaborated again with HELLASOLID for the music video of “Rawstarr ‘Til I Die (Batang Pasaway)”. Get ready to be hyped up by the MV’s chaotic scenes and the group’s non-apologetic musical style.

Ian Angeles, Mhot & Sur Henyo – Pasukan Na

   Ian Angeles collaborated with FlipTop favorites Mhot and Sur Henyo to discuss the issue of promiscuity in “Pasukan Na”. The beat has a fun vibe, and each emcee brilliantly used various school references in their bars. M Zhayt shared his talent in filmmaking by directing the entertaining music video.

   Diss tracks made a huge comeback in 2019 too. Each song brought out the best in the artists involved, and it got almost every Hiphop head talking. Who officially won? That’s all up to you the listeners. Check these out if you haven’t yet:

Jawtee x Zargon - Rap Game

OG Makk - +

CLR - Cain

Jawtee feat. Kid Rabis of Ghetto Doggs - CR


Jawtee - CR 1.5 (Barado)


   Let us know in the comments section if there’s something missing in the list. We’re pretty sure we forgot a few (apologies in advance, there’s just too many). You can expect more albums, mixtapes, EP’s, singles, and music videos in the coming months. That’s how active the culture is now. Don’t forget to attend gigs as well. Seeing these acts perform live is always an unforgettable experience. You will surely see an upcoming event or two when you log in on social media.