Game On!: The Isabuhay 2019 Final Four

By Dante Romero

   The seventh Isabuhay gave us plenty of historic moments, and the good news is, it’s far from over. Just like the previous tournaments, we saw a few unexpected wins, and everyone brought their A-game. From 16, we’re now down to four emcees, each of which has their eyes on the 100k prize and the title of champion.

   It’s the semi-finals season, and while we wait patiently for the battles, let’s talk about the remaining competitors. This is not a prediction piece, but more of a review of the rappers involved. One thing is certain, the 2019 Isabuhay is about to be even more exciting!

Poison 13

   Poison 13’s journey to the semis was definitely not an easy one. He faced a much improved Dosage on the first round and then, went face to face with BLKD on the second. The former was a close one while the latter was a bodybag. Some may argue that he only got lucky because BLKD choked, but no one can deny that he always comes prepared in every match. His rhyming style continues to get better and better as well.

   Without a doubt, the Bataan-based emcee has a huge chance of getting the crown. He just needs to maintain his confidence level and be more unpredictable with his pen game. His gimmick of imitating other rappers worked as a comedic angle in his past battles, but he has to come up with something new to stand out.

Sixth Threat

   If you’re still a Sixth Threat hater, then you probably haven’t seen his first and second round battles. He shocked everyone when he defeated Rudic and Lanzeta, both of which are equally impressive lyricists. Apart from his bars, we also saw a huge improvement in his delivery. You can feel his determination every time he spits his verses.

   As long as he remains aggressive and consistent, Sixth Threat may be the one sitting on the throne by the end of the year. His pen game is already strong, but he certainly can raise the bar even higher. He can play more with his flow or introduce another creative rhyme scheme or angle (something similar to the classic “panong di mag-cho-choke eh kinakain ko plastic?” line).  


   He undoubtedly has the advantage when it comes to experience. Apekz is the only one who’s been battling since 2010, and he faced some of the league’s best. In his quarterfinal match with Asser, he proved that he still has what it takes to become champion. Mixing comedic and serious lines remains to be his forte, so he must keep that intact once the semis begin.

   Apekz is also well-known for his impressive freestyle skills. If he can come up with rebuttals that will nullify his opponents’ punchlines, he will definitely become a bigger threat. As for stage presence, he has already mastered it. Expect him to be more confident and relentless in his next battle.


   After a very impressive performance against Lhipkram, don’t be shocked if G-Clown ends up becoming this year’s champion. His delivery has always been top-notch, but it was at the aforementioned battle where he showed his full power. Maintaining this type of aggression is very important, especially if he’s facing a confident opponent.

   There’s also no doubt that G-Clown’s pen game is better than ever. He became more creative in constructing angles and is no longer reliant on long setups. He can now throw multiple haymakers in every round. As long as he stays a hundred percent, he’s a force to be reckoned with. His next opponent should be ready for his crazy rebuttals too.


   The semis will take place around October. Just like and follow FlipTop’s Facebook page for the official announcement. Who do you think will win it all? Let us know in the comments. For now, you can check out the upcoming events in Metro Manila, Davao, and Cebu. Details about the Cebu event as well as the review for Pakusganay 6 will be posted here soon.