FlipTop Battle League

What to Expect at The FlipTop Festival (A Teaser)

By Dante Romero

   Pinoy Hiphop history will be made on the 7th and 8th of February 2020. It’s the tenth anniversary of FlipTop, the most viewed battle league in the world. For the past decade, Anygma and co gave us classic matches as well as events that featured all elements of Hiphop. It certainly reinvigorated a genre that has been looked down upon in the Philippines for years. FlipTop managed to do this with little to no sponsorships, which proved that dedication from the staff, artists, and fans is enough to keep the local scene alive.

   So what exactly can we expect next month when the league celebrates its ten years of existence? Yes, there will be potentially-classic battles, but that’s just one of the many things you will see in this exciting two-day affair. Since February 2010, Anygma has been reminding everyone that battle rap is simply a slam dunk competition for our emcees. FlipTop’s main goal since its formation is to further promote Philippine Hiphop. With that being said, you will witness the art of rapping as a whole. Gloc-9 and Shanti Dope are the announced performers so far, but wait until you see the rest of the lineup. There will be acts from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao as well as Pinoy rap artists from outside of the country. Each one promises to rock the stage and make your heads bob.

   FlipTop, as always, will also put a much-deserved spotlight on other elements of the culture at the festival. See some of the best Philippine DJs show off their skills in turntablism. Watch beloved street artists and crews create their graffiti masterpieces from scratch. Let the moves of our talented b-boys and b-girls leave you in awe. If you’re new to the scene and will be attending the celebration, prepare to be surprised by the diversity of Hiphop.


 Staying true to the festival feel, the event will have more than one stage. They’re definitely not joking when they said it’s going to be huge. Each stage will have a distinct theme to cater to the diverse tastes of the audience. As for the complete details, you’ll just have to wait for the official poster. Don’t worry because it will be released online very, very soon. Patience is a virtue, ladies and gentlemen!

   On February 7 and 8, let’s forget about the drama and all of the lows we went through the last year. Let’s prove to everyone, especially the haters, that Pinoy Hiphop can match or even surpass the big festivals of other genres. We certainly can do it as long as the support is there, and as long as there are no culture vultures (FlipTop got that covered). Make sure you also invite fellow Hiphop heads or even the outsiders who are interested in experiencing an authentic Hiphop event. Everyone is welcome here! Keep on checking this site and the official Facebook page of the league for further updates. Belated happy new year and see you all at The FlipTop Festival!