Delinquent Society (feat. Yung Kamatis)
Producer: Tatz Maven

Chorus (Yung Kamatis):

Throw your feelings, my way

I want you to demonstrate

Display, convey

The way I fascinate you

Tell me what you gonn' do


Verse 1 (Fusr):

Sometimes I feel right and sometimes I feel wrong

Sometimes I feel like that I'm feeling too strong

Sometimes I feel lonely but I'm not alone

And I think my homies ain't homies no more (ey)

Where did they go? Say what you wanna say

Do what you wanna do

Put it in your mind that your past don’t define you

Though life got you spinnin' in a spiral, like a vinyl

What do I do? Let 'em out!

Get it from your heart then spit it out your mouth

Shoot for the stars, man, get off your couch

Boy stay in your way, never change your route

Ask yourself, what you wanna do in life

Get what you want man, it’s a do or die

If you’re feeling down, put your head up to the sky

As the wise will rise like the sun!


Repeat chorus


Verse 2 (Mellow Marc):

Stop with all the nonsense

Keep your mental potent

Put your state on the goal

Like the one running on your TV shows

Pause it bro, rethink on what you've done and change it bro

That past life will haunt you though

Don't stop it now, just go bro (oh, yo!)

And see what will happen

Maybe you are done but don't stop the run

You gotta listen to the starting gun, past the sun

Don't get fooled by anyone

Don't fuck with guns

Got my mind to be like one

Got the force, yeah, Obi Wan Kenobi

Uhmm, shinobi son shoot the ball like I'm LeBron

Knowledge is power like Neo I'm the one

How bout that (How bout that)

Start recognizing all the bullshit

Fuck all that (fuck all that)

Mind the misfits, I don't fuck with your antics

Like a sabertooth, the coldest cat

People be fair like a tit for tat

Now play it back, did you figure that out?


Repeat chorus


Bridge (Yung Kamatis):

And I'll say how your voice

Resonates in my brain 'cause

You got me enslaved

And I can't concentrate around you

I hope you feel me too


Verse 3 (Contemplate):

Dreams and evil

I never thought that I can fight this feeling (feeling)

I never thought it's so appealing

The things that are happening right now we're even

Losing the evil make them believe that we're a legion

Fuck the religion, cause we are all equal

The feelings be mutual

Lying on the concrete, now I see some visuals

Thoughts on my head feeling cliche

No words can be digested or manifested

If you cannot relate, you need a break

Need to take something progressive ('gressive)

Heads aching, hands are trembling

(Yeah, yeah)

I know it I feel it, I know it I feel it (feel it)


Repeat chorus


Verse 4 (Aud):

Now, some of ya'll askin' how we do this

Thinking that we just a bunch of students

That we're clueless and we're new at this

And we gotta do a lot of improvements

But hey, you know what? (know what?)

Ya'll just a bunch of nuisance

Ya'll just a bunch of bullshit

Too jealous of the prudence

Too jealous of the movement

Too stupid cause

I am the brain that started this shit!

2015, nobody believed in me bitch

Marc, MTA, Contemplate, I meditate in this bitch

Moses a couple of months and we're right on the mix

Right after a year, now we're hosting events

Now isn't that enough evidence?

Mistaken as venomous

But now we are medicines

My pen gotta mind of its own and it took me to Genesis!


Outro (Yung Kamatis):

Throw your feelings, my way

I want you to demonstrate

Display, convey

The way I fascinate you


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