Fly Away

Last Of A Dying Breed
Blaze N Kane (feat. Pow Chavez)
Producer: Bojam

Mista Blaze:

I can see the changes, filled my pages with my memoirs

Where the song of music seems to sound with all of the wrong notes

How can we fight, with only one sword, the bigger the foes the harder we fall

Livin the dreams, whatever that be, pretenden to be you got money to throw

Living the life on a pipe, and you got your family keep searching

They wonder where they baby maybe if they knew his too stoned

Nobody could save ya from, let it all end by pulling the trigger

Much quicker, but it doesn’t have to be dealt with your anger

Help is on the way, ok, but help yourself out too

We start in scratch then build a better life for me and you

Never was anything great achieved without some dangers

Let’s face it, coz everbody's goin through alot of changes

Face it, better be ready to pick up your body then get up and do something about it

Watch me spread my wings and fly and chase my dreams

I'm a soldier, told ya, one day, hey, we shall see the sun

And celebrate the day, that day we all shall overcome come come come



We can overcome, reach out to everyone, rise above it all and show the world to be one

We can walk alone, without us being scared, through the rain through the storms of our yesterdays

You can make it on your own hey

It dont matter what we’re facing everyday

You can smile and let the whole world know

That we could fly away


Sly Kane:

You gotta be whipping a plan in demand with the times

Inclined ya better be reading d signs

Don't be too sure to assure in the hope of a brighter future

It's a long climb

Climbing the ladder of probability is awfully full

Bumpy the ride push a hater aside I’m only gods tool

The commune is unpleasant at present depressed by the babbling faking the acting

I’m a man true action, attraction of positive vibes that's never lacking

They don't call us vets for nothing, push em weights like nothing

Rock on a scaffold to crowds yeah that's something

BNK and Bojam is bringing the heat on

Them wanna be clones get outta my zone I'm sticking a bone in ya rectum

Son, me done with the dumb dumb and flipping a tantrum not unless ya want so you’ll get some oodles of that venom

Tuesday Troops the set don't ya'll forget around the metro

And globally known

To the billboard is the movement that's blowing as strong as a cyclone

So if you digging these words sing along with the song I sing I sing


Repeat chorus


Pow Chavez:

Since the day the man pierced that bullet straight to my face

Kept wondering what’s up, what’s my mission on my next days

In my memory i carry it with my titanium, always telling me go live

Your life to the maximun. We learn to love and rise above through every fall

When we get through hold our heads high standing tall

Say now I’m ready to take them all in anyway, now I’m ready to spread my wings and fly away


Mista Blaze:

Ya'll gotta be facen such, nobody said they wont bust, must pullaway out from haters

Shady just don't know who trust

Strugglin' maken it work nothing is easy better beleive me see

They pulling us down down, but get up and move around

We gotta find, there’s a way always, out the darkness

There's always somebody who try lend a hand and get you out

Prove it to everybody we facen the music whatever the obstacles

Just be real, and stay sharp, coz someday everything will be fine


Sly Kane:

As the day passes im growin older, im only after genuine camaraderie

Savour care not for the traitor

Uh, it's a Flipmusic thang that's steadily entering, no longer the tormentor but an actor slash producer " now you know"

It's a household name remember the name Blaze n kane

Flippin the game to gain and reign the hearts of many men

Bulletproof hater vest on 24/7 is how im living

A feeling that's willing to top the ceiling, let's all make a million


Repeat chorus


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