No Visa

Delinquent Society (feat. HANZM)
Producer: Audible Lecter

Verse 1 (Fusr):

Worldwide, DS we the ones wise

Sliding through like a backside boardslide

You better stay alive

You'll never know what come, so we testify

Homies, let us know if we’re qualified

And homie let us know if you're satisfied

Do not kill my vibe, what a lyrical anthem

DS and HANZM stop throwing tantrums

I'm getting up the streets and I'm creepin like a vandal (woo!)

I am living by my rules, seek for yourself then seek for the truth

I don’t really care if I win or I lose you're never gonna know

If you're not in my shoes, getting every peso when I move

With my group, we improved going on and on

Like what Badu said

Fuck a top five, we go top two man

Get a fucking room for some improvement


Chorus (HANZM):

하나 game set!

돈을 벌어 payday!

No one can fuck with my team!

친구의 친구도 자랑하지

하나 game set!

돈을 벌어 payday!

No one can fuck with my team!

친구의 친구도 자랑하지


(English Translation):

One, two, ya game set!

Earnin' money, payday!

No one can fuck wit ma team!

Friends of your friends boast me too!


Verse 2 (Contemplate):

We finna intercept on a sec in the set full of vets

That said we were threats, no time to relax

Step on the gas

Step on the gas, 4th gear motherfucker we going fast

On the freeway

Passing all these beats like a relay

Five Asians killing beats, not cliche

Performing on stage make the floor shake

We working so hard never sleep when it's morning

Fastest connection than Fibr

Don't even bother

Brothers in arms

Waking up people, who's sleeping on us

Cause we're alarms, drop the barrage!


Verse 3 (Aud):

Davao City to Korea, we don't need a visa

Women go arriba! When we come by to Abreeza! (ey!)

Back on the shit, like this shit a diarrhea

Not a high-five, better bow down when you see us! (bow down!)

Now that we got Asia in a hold now (hold now)

And everybody know that shit about to go down

From the first world to the third world

So loud!

Boomin' from the streets of Seoul up to Agdao

Like wow!

Why you tryna act wild

Tryna copy our style?

Gaw, mura man kag just now!

D.S. and WAAD respect the complexion

D.C. to world, you can't intercept the connection

(uh, yeah)


Repeat chorus


Verse 4 (Mellow Marc):

I'd be dreamin'

Dreamin' all this money

Walkin' around the world

And nobody can stop me stop me

We'll be on that global shit

We'll be on that global shit (what?)

I don't even know, tokin' for the low

Hit me up and I'ma show

Give it up and you're a hoe, woah!

I don't even know, if I got it or I don't

I might need support, middle finger to the POs (popos)

I just wanna hit that drow

Spell it backwards then you got my word, for sho'


Repeat chorus


Verse 5 (HANZM):

시작이야 turn up

익숙한듯이 beat위에서 말해 we are gang 쩔어

솔직히 말해 얘네보다도 내가 존나 쩔어서 돈을 받고 움직이지

명칭은 collabo라지

글들이 쏟아지는 timeline

이름이 빠지지못해, 여기서 비버보다도 hot

Go to the club, sorry 그건 다음에 하자고 my girl

그리고 부모님의 미래에 comfortable

매일 전부를 쏟아붓고 탈진 모르거든 적정선을

전부를 걸어 ds and zm 간단히 털어

뛰어도망가는 놈들 와사바리 걸어

사장들도 이때 자기소개 fuck that!

좆까라고 WAAD 6382 wurrup!


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