Rosetta Stone

So Help Me God Vol. 1
Karencitta (feat. Alex Omiunu)
Producer: L1ve

Hook (2x):

Pour the blood stain on my feet, I wanna feel it, I wanna feel it


Verse 1 (Karencitta):

She write Rosetta Stone for the pain gone

Look at me, gettin' blessed now, can't rest now

Goin' thru a battleground, every time I come around

Hit me, go another round

I'mma jab you in yo hometown

I wore the crown of thorns, some knives, flew to the skies

Resurrected on the 3rd day, blessed all the blind

Without the music I would be insane

If I stole a bible, Clingy Jimmy would it be a crime?

Cause it was all a dream, Biggie Citta up in the limousine

Even with crack kings, and hopeful dreams

Everybody in-love with the same thing

Everybody in-love with the same thing


Verse 2 (Alex Omiunu):

So let me, take control, take a trip within my soul

With no starry skies and a hell that is made of gold

So don't test these bars and the fire that they unload

Cuz if I reckon I wreck every record then reload

Every second, every method, down the yellow brick road

An incomparable effort so don't you try to console

Every syllable capable for the fable that's told

So better label me payable not an artist controlled

And I’m back at it, cuz the hate is motivating

Steady minding my own yet it's me they debating

Patiently waiting, but self proclaiming I made it

Staying motivated sedated roll it up and incinerate it

But a not to negate it, this feeling, I wanna feel it

I mean it, I’m itching, I’m fiending to fit in the picture

Fiending to get in the mixture

Fiending to paint you a picture, feel it


Repeat hook


Verse 3 (Karencitta):

I'm getting loaded, can't control it

It's the motion when my heart is broken

So tell em crack heads to get my weekly quoted n molded

I'm reloaded gimme promoted wit Deranged Poet preppin' up to get your throat roasted n stolen

L1ve Beats open up then I explode it

This is the life that I have chosen so might as well focus

I keep my music noted, encoded, and folded in ma brain

Like Chow, mayne, I go insane do it for society and again

Ya Artifice ma, we killin the game

10 years back in the day and nothin ever the same

I represent Filipino side, specifically South Side

I came to win to fly to conquer, money to provide

Hit T-Dawg up, then I gots no reply but I tried and survived

In my dream he said I go worldwide

I write him shit he send me out thas a great divide

Gimme a year or two I will rise

Just keep that in mind


Repeat hook


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