Hometown: Marikina
Reppin: Crazy As Pinoy, Crazy Family Badboys
Division: Metro Manila
Year Joined: 2012

If you’re a Pinoy rap fan, then you’ve probably heard of Bassilyo even before FlipTop. He and his group Crazy as Pinoy enjoyed moderate success in the early 2000’s when they joined the Rap Public contest in Eat Bulaga. In 2012, he decided to give FlipTop a shot by participating at the first Dos Por Dos with his friend CrazyMix. Despite losing at the quarterfinals, their incredible chemistry and performance made them fan favorites in an instant. The duo had a better showing at the 2013 tournament, where they were able to reach the finals.

As of now, Bassilyo only has one singles battle in the league (vs. Zaito), but it was enough for him to showcase his comedic style. He’s also effective when it comes to serious “real talk” lines, as seen in his Dos Por Dos matches. Bassilyo’s success in music is undeniable as well. His album Klasik, which was released in 2013, has been certified triple platinum.


Shernan/M Zhayt vs Crazymix/Bassilyo

Zoning (A)

Dos Por Dos 2017

Crazymix/Bassilyo vs Cripli/Towpher

Unibersikulo 5

Dos Por Dos 2017

Zaito vs Bassilyo