Emcees read comments from your neighborhood unggoys.


The story behind the emcee. Filipino Hip-Hop docuseries.


Learn the etymology of an emcee's name.

Salitang Ugat

Discover an emcee's music roots and influences.

Das Wak

Emcees answer what's wack for them.


Emcees cover their favorite hip-hop song.

Anygma Machine

Join Anygma as he dissects past battles.

FlipTop Highlights

Look back on an emcee's memorable bars.

Event Highlights

Relive the memorable moments of FlipTop events.

Pre-Battle Interviews

Emcees share their thoughts before their battles.

Post-Battle Interviews

After their battles, the emcees share their firsthand experiences.

Isabuhay 2020 + 2021 Predictions

Let's hear the emcees' predictions on who's going to win Isabuhay.

FlipTop Sound Check

Join us in checking out FlipTop's events behind the scenes!