FlipTop Sound Check

Join us in checking out FlipTop's events behind the scenes!

EP01 - Ahon 12 Day Zero

The FlipTop staff and emcees prepare for Ahon 12.

EP02 - Ahon 12 Day One

Ahon 12 starts! Witness the behind the scenes moments.

EP03 - Ahon 12 Day Two

The Isabuhay 2020 and 2021 Finals happen! See more behind the scenes footage.

EP04 - Second Sight 10

After two years, FlipTop returns to live events! Isabuhay 2022 matches, new merchandise, and more.

EP05 - Gubat 10

Check out FlipTop's return to Cebu after two years! Isabuhay 2022 and Non-tournament battles happen.

EP06 - Zoning 14

Let's take a peek at the behind the scenes of Zoning 14.

EP07 - Bwelta Balentong 9

Bwelta Balentong 9, mag-ingay! Isabuhay 2022 and non-tournament matches happen, and more behind the scenes!


Sak Maestro vs M Zhayt

Pakusganay 4 Non-Tournament

Cricket vs Bonet

Won Minutes (Manila) Non-Tournament

Damsa vs Jonas

Second Sight 4 Non-Tournament

Kemikal Ali x Arbie Won

The FlipTop Festival (Day 2)

Bud Vibes

The FlipTop Festival (Day 2)

Tha Green House

The FlipTop Festival (Day 2)


MC Spotlight: Cobs
By Anonymous Staff