Isabuhay 2023 Announcement

Brace yourselves for another exciting Isabuhay Tournament!

Jake Tan
February 22, 2023

   For the past 9 years, it has showcased the best of the best of FlipTop, and in 2023, it’s guaranteed to make history once again. The Isabuhay Tournament is now in its 10th year, so you can expect a more epic and heated competition! If you’re new to FlipTop, Isabuhay is an annual single-elimination tournament that started in 2013. It features 16 elite emcees separated into two brackets with eight participants each. The last two left standing from their respective brackets will meet in the finals. The winner will go home with a cash prize of 100,000 pesos and the title of Isabuhay Champion.

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   These are the emcees who’ve won the big one so far: Aklas, Batas, Loonie, Mhot, Shehyee, Sixth Threat, M Zhayt, J-Blaque, and Pistolero. Batas remains to be the only rapper to become champion not only twice, but also back-to-back. Will his record be broken this year?  This competition has also further elevated the careers of several up-and-comers and reignited the passion of some of the most beloved veterans. 

   The official lineup of Isabuhay 2023 will be released very, very soon. You can rewatch the classic matches for now as you wait. Who do you think will be participating this year? Who is your prediction to be the champion? Will we see certain fan favorites joining? We all just have to wait and see!

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