2023 Pinoy Hip-hop Releases (Part 2)

Can’t get enough of local hip-hop music? Here are more 2023 releases for you to check out.

Dante Romero
December 12, 2023

If you haven’t read it yet, here is part one. 2023 is undoubtedly an amazing year for Philippine hip-hop because aside from great singles, music videos, and events, we also saw plenty of quality full-length projects. These releases showcased both the skills of our homegrown talents as well as the diversity of our scene. 

Once again, get your playlists ready because this is part two of the albums that come out in 2023. They are listed in no particular order so no need to worry about rankings. Enough of the long introduction. Let’s start with the 2017 Isabuhay Champion…

Mhot – “Panalo Kasa”

“Panalo Kasa” is Mhot’s much-awaited debut solo album. Here, he proved why he’s one of the most lyrically gifted emcees in the game. Whether he’s talking about personal experiences, social issues, or his critics, he makes sure his pen game and flow stay strong. “Panalo Kasa” may not be as technical as his battles in FlipTop but Mhot made up for it with his powerful messages and ability to rhyme on any type of beat.

Hash One – “The Shiznitz”

Hash One, also known as Tony Bagyo, finally dropped his solo LP titled “The Shiznitz”. The Gat Dang Crooks member showcased his impressive street-style rap as well as his unpredictable flow. Music-wise, “The Shiznitz” has a perfect blend of old school and modern production. It’s basically an album you can bump in the hood, the club, or at a house party.

Crhyme Aye’dehart – “NOIS”

Crhyme Aye’dehart, ½ of Riding in Thundem, dropped his solo project “NOIS” on the 13th of February 2023. The 27-track album is hardcore rap at its finest. Crhyme Aye’dehart spits some of his most ruthless bars to date while displaying his magnificent flow and rhyme schemes. “NOIS” also deserves props for its lineup of boom bap and trap beats. Each instrumental complements the cutthroat lyrics of Crhyme and the guest emcees. 

CLR – “Facts & Samples”

CLR started off December 2023 with the release of his second album “Facts & Samples”. The Cebu native once again wowed listeners not only with his brilliant mix of rapping and singing but also his intricate songwriting. CLR’s melodic style blended perfectly with Mark Beats’ versatile production. Without a doubt, “Facts & Samples” will give us plenty of hit songs in the months (and maybe even years) to come.

Supafly & Because – “8”

“8” is the much-awaited collaboration project between Supafly and Because. If you’re looking for an excellent combination of rap and r&b with some catchy beats, then this is the record for you. Concept-wise, you’ll enjoy listening to it from start to finish. “8” features love songs, braggadocio joints, and party anthems, all of which highlight the strengths of the two artists involved.

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The good news is we are not yet done! There are so many releases this year so make sure you watch out for part 3. For now, enjoy these works of art, and feel free to share them with your fellow hip-hop and/or music heads. 2024 certainly looks like another big year for our beloved genre. Let’s continue supporting it! Advanced Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.