From A Fan's Perspective

From A Fan’s Perspective: Best of Ahon 14 (Day 1)

A FlipTop fan shares their highlights of Ahon 14 Day 1.

Anonymous Battle Fan
December 19, 2023

(The photo above is from TIU Theater's official Facebook page.)

Ahon 14 took place on the 15th and 16th of December 2023 at TIU Theater and as a fan, it was another unforgettable moment for Philippine hip-hop. We saw epic comebacks, back-and-forth matchups, one-sided affairs, and tons of surprises! Up to now, we still have that Ahon hangover! I went with two of my friends who are fellow hip-hop heads. It was the first live FlipTop event we attended for the year because of our busy schedule at work. Luckily, our 1,250 pesos was worth it! 

We had so much fun that we decided to write down what we think are the highlights of Ahon 14 Day 1. Thank you, sir Anygma, for allowing us to share. Keep in mind that these are our PERSONAL OPINIONS. If you have a review, feel free to share them in the comments section. Let’s begin!

Best battles:
We had very high expectations for Smugglaz vs Charron and they didn’t disappoint! As Charron fans, we loved watching him do what he does best from the first to the third round. He dropped a few Tagalog lines and it made everyone in the venue go wild. We were nervous about his English bars because we thought it wouldn’t connect with the audience but boy, were we wrong. Charron still managed to garner a loud reaction with his intricate rhymes and angles. That goes to show how great he is not just at rapping but also rocking the crowd. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Charron battle without some crazy rebuttals. His flips here are some of the most impressive we’ve heard from him. No spoilers! Just wait for the official video!

So how was Smugglaz’s performance? It was like he never took a break. We thought he would go full Tagalog so we were shocked when he showcased his English rhymes. They were as hard-hitting as his Filipino lines! He combined witty humor with heavy bars and it was effective all throughout. As always, Smugglaz also displayed his impeccable flow and delivery in this battle. Whether he’s rapping fast or slow, each bar hits hard thanks to Smugg’s intensity and clarity. Lastly, there’s no denying his stage presence. Whenever he performs, his energy is felt in every corner of the venue. He has reached legendary status as an emcee.

CNine vs Karisma started the night off and it already hyped us all up. It has the right mix of antics, lyricism, and rebuttals. We believe both brought their A-game and in the end, it all came down to who was the more creative emcee. Indeed, it was a very close match and we can’t wait to see it again on video. Another back-and-forth battle on Day 1 is Poison13 vs Asser. Poison13 went in with raw aggression and impressive technical bars while Asser brought the harsher, more direct-to-the-point punchlines as well as his remarkable flow. As for rhyme schemes, both of them left us in awe with their complex writing skills.  

Best performances:
So we’re done discussing the best and most competitive battles of Ahon 14 Day 1. Now, let’s talk about the most remarkable INDIVIDUAL performances. We feel that Jonas deserves a spot in the top 5 jokers of Pinoy battle rap, especially after his Ahon 14 showing. He was consistent plus his angles and lines were both unique and very funny. His delivery also remains to be one of the most effective in FlipTop. We wanted to be thoroughly entertained and he did just that.

Vitrum got arguably his biggest win in FlipTop so far. We instantly noticed his overall improvements and didn’t expect him to give such a masterful performance. From his angles to his rhyming style, everything was well-written and well-delivered. He’s also more confident now on stage, balancing his aggressive and comedic tones. Trust us when we say that if you weren’t a fan of his early battles, you would change your mind here.

We are huge supporters of GL and after Ahon 14, it stays the same. GL once again proved why he’s a high caliber emcee by further elevating battle rap standards and introducing new concepts. He didn’t just win; he also challenged the entire scene to break away from the norms and be more original. He deserves to clash with an Old God next! Hopefully, we’ll see him at the 2024 Isabuhay Tournament.

You’ve probably read about what happened with J-Blaque online. Yes, it’s true. The underrated 2021 Isabuhay Champion shocked us all with a performance of a lifetime. Almost everyone thought he would get bodybagged but it was the other way around. J-Blaque started decent but little did we know that he was just warming up. Halfway through his first round, he started unleashing his inner beast and never hindered from there. The crowd reaction was deafening and we’re sure he’ll gain more supporters once it’s uploaded.

Ahon 14 Day 1 was a success! Apart from the amazing battles, we also appreciated the additional LED screens and stage lights. It certainly looked like a monumental event. Win or lose congratulations to all of the emcees for becoming part of a historic night. To Anygma and the rest of the FlipTop staff, thank you for giving us a show that we will cherish forever. Watch out for our Day 2 review!

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