From A Fan's Perspective

From A Fan’s Perspective: Best of Ahon 14 (Day 2)

Here are the highlights of Ahon 14 Day 2 from a FlipTop fan.

Anonymous Battle Fan
January 02, 2024

First off, belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! Hope each one of you had a fun celebration. We’re very sorry for the delay, but no need to wait any longer because here’s our review of Ahon 14 Day 2. If you haven’t read our thoughts on Day 1, then you can check it out by clicking here. Once again, we will talk about what we think are the best battles and individual performances of the night. 

One thing we noticed about Day 2 is that the majority of the matches are one-sided affairs but nevertheless, me and my friends still had a great time and we’re definitely going to more FlipTop events in 2024. Like the previous entry, these are our PERSONAL OPINIONS so if you disagree with our assessment, no need for violent reactions. Feel free to share your own Ahon 14 thoughts in the comments section.

Best battles:
Zend Luke vs Emar Industriya is a strong contender for battle of the year. Yes, it’s an awe-inspiring showcase of unorthodox lyricism. Both emcees didn’t just unleash their extensive vocabulary. They also wowed the crowd with their innovative metaphors, complex rhyme schemes, and all-out aggression. It’s one of the matchups that received a well-deserved loud crowd reaction.  What’s more impressive about Zend Luke and Emar Industriya here is that they managed to make their material much more accessible to the crowd without abandoning their “leftfield” style”. You just have to see it to believe it.

The crowd was a bit quiet at Harlem vs Sur Henyo at first but eventually gathered steam in the later rounds. It was an entertaining matchup that contained tons of hard-hitting punchlines, witty jokes, and clever angles. There’s also no denying that both of them were in top form when it came to stage presence. Sur was the more aggressive one here while Harlem had that “calm but deadly” vibe. Things got a bit heated but cooler heads prevailed in the end. We believe this is an underrated match that hopefully will get more love online.

Many would say that M Zhayt vs Marshall Bonifacio was one-sided but for us, it was actually a lyrical slugfest. Both rappers came prepared and demonstrated the perfect well-rounded style. Their angles were creative, they threw haymaker after haymaker, and they had that “out for blood” mentality all throughout. We felt that a lot of their lines were underrated so we’re hoping it will get more appreciation once it’s up on YouTube. 

Best performances:
Without a doubt, Invictus deserves the title of 2023 Isabuhay Champion. You already saw it on video. He proved that you can still win a battle without changing up your overall battling style. Invictus kept it ruthless with his delivery while showcasing his remarkable multisyllabic rhymes, vivid imagery, and sharp terminology. If you still don’t appreciate Invictus’ lyricism after this, then you’re simply just a hater.

We all had high expectations for 3RDY, especially after seeing his performance at Motus’ Pedestal 2 Finals. So how did he do at Ahon 14? He didn’t disappoint! 3RDY performed like a battle rap OG and we can’t wait to see more. Apart from his devastating punches and impressive rhyming style, his confidence on stage further elevated his material. Aspiring battle emcees would certainly learn a lot from him. Anyway, we won’t mention any spoilers. Just check out his battle once it’s up!  

Both veterans and newcomers shined in Day 2, so it’s safe to say that the future of the league is in very good hands. After the event, we became even more excited about what’s in store next year. Thank you once again to Anygma, the whole FlipTop staff, and of course to all the emcees for giving us an unforgettable show! Hopefully, the LED screens and stage lights will stay in future events because not only are they pleasing to the eyes, but they also give the affair an epic feel. To those who weren’t able to attend, watch out for the YouTube uploads! The wait will be worth it. We’ll see you all probably at Second Sight. FlipTop, make some noise!