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Owfuck – Acidic (Album Review)

It’s one of the most anticipated albums of 2023. Let’s talk about Owfuck’s new album “Acidic”.

Jake Tan
July 04, 2023

Owfuck blew up around early 2016 with their song “Gin at Marijuana”. The group, which comprises emcees Astro, Lexus, and Paul Cassimir, quickly gained a loyal fanbase with their chemistry and witty lyrics. Seven years later, after releasing various singles as well as collaboration and solo projects, they finally dropped their full-length debut album entitled “Acidic” under Music Colony Records. The LP came out on the 29th of June and is already making waves in the Pinoy hip-hop scene. So, is “Acidic” worth the seven-year wait? Here’s our review!

Lyrical content:
Concept-wise, the songs in “Acidic” are able to showcase not only the versatility but also the growth of each member. In “Alak”, Owfuck talks about having drinking sessions with their day-one homies. It’s a simple yet effective metaphor for how they show love to those who stuck with them through thick and thin. Gat Putch also displayed his mastery in delivering a catchy chorus. “Di Na Tama” sees the trio talk about their legacy in the local scene. It has that usual rap braggadocio, but Astro, Lexus, and Paul still made sure to keep it inspirational and more relatable. “Ligaw” is more personal as it tackles the hardships Owfuck went through on their way to the top.  Each emcee poured their hearts out into their verses; you could feel their pain from the first to the last line.

The title track returns to the braggadocio style. Owfuck fires back at critics with their trademark wit and versatility. Their aggression will also get you hyped up. “Palihim” once again tackles Owfuck’s contributions to Pinoy hip-hop. On paper, you may say that it’s getting redundant, but the trio, together with special guest Ryke, managed to keep it fresh by coming up with incredible rhyme schemes and punchlines. “Wag Kang Ganon” aims to expose those who were quick to judge the group. Owfuck kept their lyrical fire burning, but Zae also deserves props for her clever pen game and mesmerizing flow. “Natural” is another powerful inspirational joint. The trio creatively describes in their verses how you can make it in life while Nicole Anjela provides the perfect summary in the chorus with her angelic voice. Astro, Lexus, and Paul then joined forces with Music Colony labelmate JRLDM for the last track “Pull Up”. This is arguably the most hardcore song in the album, thanks to the ruthless bars and delivery. JRLDM definitely shined as well with his always-excellent combination of singing and rapping.

Alas ng Beats, Hype Valentino, and Juss Rye are the individuals behind the beats of “Acidic”. Musically, it’s mostly trap-influenced with a mix of traditional hip-hop sensibilities. This experimental style of production made the album a truly adventurous listen. The producers are also successful in balancing the dark sound with the party-oriented vibe. Basically, “Acidic” benefited from the distinct methods of beat-making of each producer. There’s nothing really groundbreaking, but each instrumental still has the potential to stay in your head for a long time, which is something that is difficult to do.

If we have to point out one flaw in “Acidic”, then that would be the length. After “Pull Up”, there’s a chance you might ask yourself “Oh man! That’s it?” With Owfuck’s eventful career, they certainly have plenty of stories to tell, and we wished we could’ve heard more of them. Nevertheless, “Acidic” served as a reminder of why Astro, Lexus, and Paul Cassimir became big names in OPM. They kept their charisma and lyrical ability intact while incorporating new ideas in their verses. Longtime fans will enjoy this record and first-time listeners will definitely be hooked. The album is now available on Spotify and all streaming sites.