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Harlem x Mcee Zabala x Hev Abi – AUX 1 (Song And Music Video Review)

The latest single from Harlem, Mcee Zabala, and Hev Abi has just dropped! Here’s our review of the song and music video of AUX 1.

Dante Romero
September 27, 2022

   Harlem and Mcee Zabala of the legendary group Schizophrenia collaborated with emcee and producer Hev Abi for the song “AUX 1”. The official music video was released on September 26, and it’s on its way to becoming a certified hit. Does it deserve to get recognition or is it a forgettable tune? Here are our thoughts on the track and the visuals. 

The song:

   “AUX 1” is a call center code for break, which is enough for you to understand what the song is about. Harlem, Mcee Zabala, and Hev Abi have worked in the BPO industry before, and they decided to share their personal experiences. Each emcee understood that this is the type of song where you don’t need to go all technical and metaphorical. While they still showcased their impeccable rhyme schemes and flow, the message is still easy to grasp even by non-rap listeners. 

   There is simply no denying the relatable content of “AUX 1”. The three emcees painted a clear image of what life is really like as a call center agent. They described their daily activities at work and the various stressful situations they often get into, especially when they were forced to balance work and music. Because of their industry’s fast-paced environment, they feel like they deserve a break. The chorus is very catchy and it perfectly sums up the song’s central theme. Don’t be surprised if this gets viral on TikTok or on Facebook or Instagram reels.

   Hev Abi made the beat, and it’s just as infectious as the rhymes. It may not be a groundbreaking trap instrumental, but it’s still guaranteed to make listeners bob their heads once the drums kick in. The flute added a nice touch to the overall sound. Hev Abi certainly has a bright future in production and we’re looking forward to hearing more from him.

The music video:

   Directed by Mark Asuncion and produced by Ian Angeles, the music video for “AUX 1” deserves props for its creativity. It features the typical scenes in an office setting, but with a comedic twist similar to old school funny Pinoy movies. Juan Lazy killed it in his realistic portrayal of a security guard. The other cast members also did a great job. It looks like they all had a blast making the MV. There are no deep meanings or whatever. Just like the lyrics, the visuals didn’t need to be too complex, and the crew behind the camera knew that.  Sometimes in art, a straight-to-the-point narrative is all you need.


   “AUX 1” is a song that needed to be made. It erases the stereotype of call center jobs being easy and instantly high-paying. Harlem, Mcee Zabala, and Hev Abi showed that there are plenty of struggles, sometimes even worse than other types of work. The schedule alone is already a difficult task. Much props to the three rappers for raising awareness of their field while retaining their lyrical wit and rap ability.  Hopefully, we’ll get more bangers like this. Maybe a song with all members of Schizophrenia? Fingers crossed!