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Sickreto, Classico, Driex, Cors, Article Clipted, JP – Dark Continent (Song And Music Video Review)

Gensan hip-hop stand up! Check out our review of the posse track "Dark Continent".

Dante Romero
September 18, 2023

Six emcees and one producer from General Santos decided to join forces for this 7-minute track. They’re here to prove to everyone that the hip-hop scene in their hometown is active and stronger than ever. The song is called “Dark Continent” and it was released on the 16th of September 2023. So will it bring more eyes and ears to Gensan hip-hop? Is it a worthy addition to your playlist? Find out in our review of the song and music video. If you’ve already seen it, let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

The song:
“Dark Continent” features verses from Sickreto, Classico, Driex, Cors, Article Clipted, and JP. You’ve probably seen them in their battles in Won Minutes and the latest Pakusganay event in FlipTop. Mindanao hip-hop in general has always been renowned for its creativity and versatility and “Dark Continent” is one of the perfect examples of it. It’s your standard posse rap song but what makes it stand out is that it was able to highlight the strengths of every emcee in the lineup. You will be treated to a buffet of rap styles, all of which are well-written and well-delivered. Prepare to be astounded by clever wordplays and metaphors, hard punchlines, intricate rhyme schemes, and mesmerizing flows. Some of the verses contain English and Bisaya lines, which made the content even more exciting. Basically, lyrics-wise, “Dark Continent” has no dull moment. You wouldn’t even think that 7 minutes have passed.

Tatz Maven provided the beat of this banger. The drums are trap-inspired and the overall sound has that ominous feel, staying true to the title.  It’s simply the ideal instrumental for a heavy-hitting lyrical showcase such as this one. The minimalist vibe gave an opportunity for each rapper to shine without compromising the impact of the production. It’s a testament to Tatz Maven’s continuous growth as a beatmaker. Whether it’s boom bap or trap, you can always expect a well-rounded product from him.

The music video:
Three Swords Cinema is the production company behind the music video, with Ralph Remegio handling the directing and editing duties. We see shots of the emcees outdoors in broad daylight and indoors at night. The evening scenes also have flashing lights that match the intensity of the song. It’s the standard posse track video but the quality is top-notch. The transition between scenes is flawless and the cinematography is breathtaking. Despite being an independent production, it still looks very professional. You would think it’s a movie at first glance. Kudos to everyone involved!

“Dark Continent” certainly deserves more views. It’s an up-close look at the greatness of Gensan’s hip-hop scene. If you’re a fan of quality lyricism and battle-oriented themes in rap, then you won’t be disappointed at all with this one. The beat is also guaranteed to hype you up once the drums start playing. You can watch it now on Sickreto’s official YouTube channel. Make sure you also check out the other releases of the artists involved here. They have a few projects under their belt already.