Iconic Pinoy Hip-hop Music Videos from the 1990s to 2000s (Part 4)

The list goes on! Here’s part 4 of the most beloved music videos from the 90s to the 2000s.

Dante Romero
June 19, 2024

Apart from the tunes, visuals have also been an integral part not only of hip-hop but of music in general. Music videos bring to life the words and the sound, thus adding more impact to the song. Here are some MVs from the '90s to the 2000s that left a mark on the scene. This is already part 4 so if you haven’t read the previous ones, check them out here, here, and here. Let’s begin!

Francis M - "Kaleidoscope World"

While not necessarily a hip-hop song, “Kaleidoscope World” still deserves a spot in this list because it’s from the Master Rapper himself, Francis M. Released in 1995, the video gained critical acclaim thanks to its creativity. It features shots of Francis M performing with his band Hardware Syndrome and also various shots of everyday life, which captures the theme of the iconic track. 

Andrew E - "Stand Alone"

The MV for “Stand Alone” features only a snippet of the song yet it still gained a huge viewership number at that time. It’s a testament to Andrew E’s legacy in Philippine hip-hop. The video shows the King of Tagalog Rap rocking sold-out concerts, traveling the world, appearing on radio shows, and working in the studio. “Stand Alone” basically proved that Andrew E remains on top.

Salbakuta - "S2pid Luv"

“S2pid Luv” by Salbakuta is arguably the most popular love rap song ever. It’s so popular that the official music video, which came out in early 2002 and had a different chorus, didn’t need to be fancy and grand just to be enjoyed by the fans. It features the four rappers spitting their verses mixed with scenes of them with their significant others during happier times. 

Kulay - "Get Down"

Boom, Radha, and Angel, better known as Kulay, took the local music scene by storm in the late 90s not only with their catchy songs but also their groundbreaking videos. The official MV for “Get Down” featured their trademark mixture of live action and animation, leaving many viewers in awe. Ahead of its time is the perfect term for the band’s videos.

7 Shots of Wisdom feat. Pikaso - "All I Want"

From the late 90s to the early 2000s, 7 Shots of Wisdom was one of the groups that ruled the local hip-hop scene. They collaborated with Pikaso on the song “All I Want”, which is part of their second album “Love & Hate”. The official MV features scenes of fancy cars, clubs, busy streets, and breakdancing. If you haven’t seen it yet, then make sure you also watch out for the cameos! 

Mobbstarr - "It's You"

Mobbstarr, also known as Dice & K9, continued to dominate the charts in 2006 with their song “It’s You” from their album “Tha Journey”. The music video sees the group going back to their underground roots with a gritty production style and impressive skateboarding scenes. It may sound simple on paper, but the back-to-basics approach of the visuals garnered a very positive reaction from the fanbase. 

Denmark - "Anak ni Luningning"

Veteran Denmark made his much-awaited comeback in 2004 with his critically-acclaimed album “Blind Rhyme”. The first single is “Anak ni Luningning”, a sequel to his 1991 hit. The music video is a reenactment of the song and features cameos from members of the supergroup Circulo Pugantes. It instantly became a huge hit upon release, proving that Denmark never lost a step when it came to rapping.

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Don’t worry if something is missing from this list because there will be a part 5 soon. Keep in mind that other videos have yet to be uploaded online. Hopefully, we will see them again soon on YouTube! To the new fans, we hope this piece gave you a much deeper appreciation for the genre. To the longtime heads, we hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Of course, let’s continue supporting the current acts as well.