New Releases From FlipTop Emcees (Oct 25-Nov 17 2023)

You’ve enjoyed their battles. Now, it’s time to enjoy their music. Here are the latest projects from the emcees of FlipTop.

Dante Romero
November 18, 2023

So are you done with your battle rap marathon but still craving for some local hip-hop? Turn on your preferred streaming site and check out these new releases from FlipTop emcees. These are projects that came out from October 25 to November 17, 2023. If you want to explore earlier works, you can click here. For the new fans of the league, this is the perfect opportunity for you to further appreciate the talents of these lyricists.

Kindly let us know in the comments section if there’s something missing from this list. The scene is so active right now that there’s a chance we forgot a few entries.  Anyway, no need for a long introduction. Let’s start with arguably one of the best jokers in FlipTop right now… 

Jonas - "Masasabi Ko Lang F.U", "Serbesa”, & “Empilight (Part 2)”

Jonas shows a bit of his serious side in “Masasabi Ko Lang F.U”. It’s a breakup song that features Jonas’ clever songwriting as well as his singing ability. It’s definitely a relatable tune, thanks to the simple yet captivating imagery of the verses. The hook’s catchy melody and powerful lyrics are also guaranteed to stick with you.

“Serbesa” offers nothing but good vibes to the listeners. Here, Jonas describes an ideal drinking session with friends. He is so vivid with his lyrics it feels like you’re really there having a great time with the crew. Like with “Masasabi Ko Lang F.U”, “Serbesa” is also a testament to Jonas’ talent in crafting memorable choruses. 

Jonas goes on another drinking session in the sequel to his 2022 viral hit “Empilight”. Unlike “Serbesa”, “Empilight (Part 2)” has a gloomier vibe as Jonas tries to drink away the pain caused by a failed relationship. He incorporated a bit of trademark humor in the lyrics without straying from the overall melancholic atmosphere. Indeed, Jonas displayed his undeniable creativity in these three joints. 

Onaks - "Naspi" & "Lunas"

Onaks didn’t hold back at all in “Naspi”. He reminded us of the problems that the country continues to face such as corruption, misinformation, and poverty. In the hook, Onaks urged us to take these things seriously and start calling out those dirty politicians who constantly abuse us. Aside from the thought-provoking lyrics, “Naspi” also features Onaks’ remarkable flow.

“Lunas” is similar to “Naspi” in the sense that it tackles the harsh realities of being poor in the Philippines. The only difference with “Lunas” is that Onaks added a more personal touch to it by detailing his past struggles. Despite overcoming his obstacles, he once again tells us to be wary of the people who run this nation. These two tracks are indeed proof of Onaks’ powerful lyricism.

Loonie feat. Flow G - "PIKIT"

In “PIKIT”, Loonie collaborated with Flow G to address their critics in the most lyrical way. The two emcees exchanged bars all throughout the song, showcasing not only their impeccable rhyming skills and charisma but also their distinct flows. With this epic collaboration, it’s no wonder it already exceeded 1 million views on YouTube. “PIKIT“ is part of Loonie’s upcoming solo album.

CLR feat. Pricetagg - "Contra" & Karencitta feat. Pricetagg – “F.U.I.L.Y”

Undefeated FlipTop emcee Pricetagg may be on a hiatus from battling now, but he remains active in making music. He recently worked with two popular Cebuano acts. “Contra” sees Pricetagg collaborating again with CLR. They officially became even more popular in early 2019 for their single “Kontrabida”. In “Contra”, the duo bragged about how they overcame all the negativity and remained relevant in the game. CLR went in with his melodic raps while Pricetagg delivered some heavy gangsta rap bars. The music video already gained over 20,000 views in less than 24 hours.

In “F.U.I.L.Y”, Karencitta and Pricetagg accurately describe scenes of a toxic relationship. It’s a perfect blend of R&B and rap, with Karencitta showcasing her lovely voice and Pricetagg spitting a short yet brilliant verse. Their chemistry shines bright from start to finish, so don’t be surprised if this becomes another hit.

Range - "Palayo Na"

“Palayo Na” is the latest single from Range’s album “FXCKLOVE”. The official music video came out on November 15, 2023, and shows the versatile rapper losing his mind as a result of his gold-digging ex-lover. It already exceeded 10,000 views on YouTube just one day after being uploaded, which proves that Range is still one of Cebu’s biggest artists. 

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Without a doubt, there’ll be plenty more on the way before the year ends. We will also be getting new albums and of course, more events. Pinoy hip-hop is strong again in 2023, and it certainly looks like it will get even stronger. For us supporters, let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride!