2023 Pinoy Hip-hop Releases (Part 4)

Here it is! The fourth and last list of the Pinoy hip-hop albums and EPs that came out in 2023.

Dante Romero
February 07, 2024

What a year 2023 was for Philippine hip-hop. It arguably has the highest number of albums, EPs, and mixtapes that came out. Without a doubt, the scene is stronger than ever and will continue to grow from here. Now, we have reached the fourth and final list of the year’s local releases. If you haven’t read the others yet, then here are parts one, two, and three. Keep in mind that they’re listed in no particular order. No need to argue which one should be first, last, or middle.

Once again, for the FlipTop fans who are not familiar with the music side of hip-hop, it’s a great opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and to see just how talented our local artists are not only in battle rap. Surely, you will find something you like here. So get your playlists ready and let’s us begin…

Yuridope - "Blue"

Here’s another brilliant mix of rap and r&b courtesy of Yuridope. The title says it all. “Blue” tackles the pains of romantic relationships from different perspectives. Yuridope’s lyrics are relatable throughout and his voice makes the words much more powerful. For the brokenhearted out there, let this EP help you out in releasing your emotions. 

Tu$ Brother$ & Yung Bawal - "Bawal Tus"

Tu$ Brother$ collaborated with Bawal Clan producer Yung Bawal for an EP filled with street bangers. “Bawal Tus” features the brothers’ trademark modern gangsta rap lyricism and Yung’s energetic and sometimes sinister sound. It’s “geng, geng” music with a much darker twist and thanks to the chemistry of the artists involved, it worked. 

Astro - "Pagbangon"

“Pagbangon” is another worthy addition to Astro’s collection of remarkable solo projects. In this album, the Owfuck member, with his laidback delivery and creative rhymes, talked about overcoming hardships in life and maintaining supremacy in the rap scene. As for the production, “Pagbangon” has that chill vibe that suits Astro’s overall rapping style well. 

Madd Mark - "Zirkulo"

“Zirkulo” is the debut solo album of Valenzuela rapper and producer Madd Mark. He paid tribute to the golden age of hip-hop through his solid boom bap production. Lyrically, Madd Mark talked about a wide variety of topics while showcasing his powerful delivery, effortless flow, and impressive wordplays and metaphors. He has a bright future in hip-hop indeed.

Gat Putch - "1st"

If Yuridope’s “Blue” isn’t enough, we have another rap and r&b project for you. “1st” is Gat Putch’s debut LP which contains infectious street bangers and captivating love songs. Gat Putch flawlessly mixed rapping and singing while dropping catchy lyrics. “1st” also deserves props for its varied production, ranging from modern beats to throwback gangsta rap instrumentals. 

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Have you listened to these releases? What do you think of them? Let us know! Also, kindly inform us in the comments section if there’s something we missed. Like what we said earlier, 2023 was a very active year for albums, EPs, and mixtapes so there’s a chance we forgot to mention a few. As for 2024, there are certainly plenty more in store for us. Let’s just enjoy the ride and make sure to support Philippine hip-hop as a whole.