2023 Pinoy Hip-hop Releases (Part 3)

Wait! There’s more! Here’s another batch of Pinoy hip-hop projects from 2023.

Dante Romero
January 23, 2024

2023 is already over but we’re not yet done highlighting the best of it. Here are more Philippine hip-hop albums and EPs that came out last year and made waves in the music scene. This is part three so if you haven’t checked out the previous ones, then click here and here. For the strictly battle rap fans, this is the perfect opportunity for you to dig deeper into the culture and hopefully further appreciate the artform as a whole. Let’s begin!

Loonie - "Meron Na"

Finally, after more than a decade, Loonie is back with his third solo album “Meron Na”. It’s arguably his most personal project to date as he tackles his family life, rap career, romantic relationships, and his controversial arrest in 2019. Loonie talks about these topics head-on while continuing to showcase his flawless multisyllabic rhymes, metaphors, and flow. 


WAIIAN ended 2023 on a high note with the release of his much-awaited second solo album. “WEYAAT?” sees the rapper in top form, fully utilizing his creative punchlines, unpredictable rhyme schemes, and playful flow in a more introspective approach concept-wise. WAIIAN proved once again that you can create catchy tunes without compromising your style.

Tha Black G, Uncle C, & Jetpack JB - "Strains N' Hood Lights"

Tha Black G, Uncle C, and Jetpack JB of the Binangonan-based supergroup Tha Green House shocked the scene during the holiday season by releasing an EP titled “Strains N’ Hood Lights”. Staying true to their crew’s style, the three emcees represented street life with top-notch lyricism and beats that effortlessly combine modern and traditional hip-hop sensibilities. It’s gangsta rap that everyone can vibe to.

Gloc-9 - "Pilak”

Veteran Gloc-9 proved that he still got it with his ninth full-length solo album “Pilak”. As always, he showcased his powerful lyricism and flow all throughout while remaining accessible to listeners. “Pilak” also highlights Gloc-9’s diversity in writing which is evident on the personal tracks and club bangers. He has been in the game for almost three decades now and has no plans of slowing down at all.

Shanti Dope - "Guns and Roses"

Shanti Dope is back with another EP titled “Guns and Roses”. The project is a perfect mix of braggadocio, love songs, and introspection, each of which features the rapper’s trademark approach on the mic. Apart from the complex multis and clever metaphors that his fans continue to love, Shanti Dope also left listeners in awe with his remarkable melodic style of rapping.

Santo - "La Pagina Antes De La Proxima"

One of the most recognizable names in the underground scene dropped an album right before 2023 ended. In “La Pagina Antes De La Proxima”, Santo did what he does best: crafting clever concepts and spitting intricate rhymes with his commanding delivery. He also worked with some of the best veterans and up-and-comers, thus resulting in a masterpiece that fans of pure lyricism will certainly appreciate!

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It’s time to update your playlists again. Now, is this the final list? Nope! We’ll immediately start working on part four after this so watch out for that. 2023 was truly a great year for hip-hop, thanks to the continuous dedication of these artists and of course to the support of the fans. As for 2024, it looks like we are set for another historic year.