10 Highlights From The FlipTop Festival

The FlipTop Festival two years ago was a success! Here are some of the memorable moments from the two-day event.

Dante Romero
January 25, 2022

   History was made on the 7th and 8th of February 2020. The FlipTop Festival wasn’t just a celebration of the league’s 10th year anniversary. It was also a showcase of the country’s rich hip-hop scene. These are the 10 highlights from the two-day event, which was held at the Aseana Concert Grounds in Paranaque. We’ve decided to list them in no particular order since they’re equally special.  

10. The atmosphere and presentation

   Just by seeing the Aseana Concert Grounds up-close, you can already quote the great Biggie Smalls: “you never thought that hip-hop would take it this far.” Finally, after decades of waiting, we now have a big hip-hop festival in the Philippines that matches the other genres. The big stages, the wide outdoor venue, and a large number of attendees are proof that we are stronger than ever!  

9. Worldwide support

   The FlipTop Festival attracted over 6,000 fans not only from the Philippines but from other parts of the globe as well. Yes, there were a few foreigners who came through on both days to show their appreciation for our scene. It was a truly diverse crowd, which brings to life the saying that this genre is universal. 

8. It’s all good

   Outsiders believe that hip-hop promotes beef and unhealthy competition. The festival proved that it’s a big misconception. For two days, there were no fights, no bad blood among camps, and no subtle disses on the performances. As a matter of fact, everyone was greeting each other happy anniversary. Bad vibes weren’t welcome at the Aseana Concert Grounds. It was all about elevating Pinoy hip-hop!  

7. Breakdancing

   The Walled City Rockers, SAS, and Midnight Illest busted their moves on days 1 and 2. These respected crews quickly caught the attention of the crowd with their awe-inspiring breakdancing skills. Apart from their individual sets, they jammed with the emcees on stage as well. Shout outs to the organizers for giving a bigger platform to this major element of hip-hop.  

6. Graffiti

   On every corner of the venue, fans witnessed 14 of the country’s most renowned graffiti artists in action. They spent hours working on the plywood with their spray cans, and in the end, everyone was mesmerized by their masterpieces. Each artist was able to showcase their distinct styles.  Indeed, the local street art scene continues to grow and should not be slept on.

5. Turntablism

   DJing was well-represented throughout the festival. We saw back-and-forth turntable battles, enthralling jam sessions from the Keep On Skratchin crew, and incredible emcee and DJ collaborations. Attendees who were new to the culture realized that hip-hop is more than just press and play. Let’s keep on supporting our local turntablists.   

4. Tributes

   On day 2, FlipTop paid tribute to DJ D’Tech of the Mighty Miscellaneous, LilJohn, and Francis Magalona. The video packages left the audience in silence (some in tears), giving each one time to appreciate the various achievements of these artists. They will never be forgotten! Afterward, the team showed two more videos: one highlights Andrew E’s historic career while the other celebrates Loonie’s freedom. Speaking of which…      

3. Loonie’s surprise appearance

   Literally, everybody made noise when Loonie emerged on the main stage right after the tribute program. Those who were taking a break at the back ran to the front to see the 2016 Isabuhay champion perform his most beloved tracks. Loonie’s energetic stage presence and ability to move the crowd remained intact. He really deserves to be called a top-tier emcee. Welcome back, hari ng tugma! 

2. The emcee performances

   Apart from Loonie, the rest of the emcees also gave memorable performances. There were three stages, all of which featured different styles of rapping. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed the solid lyricism and beats as well as the showmanship of each performer. From the up-and-comers to the OGs, everyone in the lineup was able to send the fans home happy. 

1. We can’t be stopped

   The weather wasn’t kind to the event on the first day. It was raining hard almost the entire time, but that wasn’t enough to stop the festival. Despite the continuous rainfall, the performers still did their thing and the crowd continued supporting the sets. It was a testament to the strength of our local scene. This was our moment and nothing can take it away from us.  

   Let us give props to Anygma and the rest of the staff for the hard work and dedication they put into this event. A big thank you to all of the performers as well. Each one of you rocked it and showed how much you love this culture. February 7 and 8 will be forever etched in the hearts of Pinoy hip-hop heads all over the world. When the coronavirus pandemic finally ends, expect another epic festival to take place. It might even be an annual thing! Fingers crossed for now.