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2024 Won Minutes Luzon 2

There’s a sequel to the successful 2024 Won Minutes Luzon event. Expect more epic battles here.

Anonymous Staff
April 30, 2024

Won Minutes Luzon in February was a resounding success. While the YouTube views are lesser than the “main stage” battles, it still garnered enough attention from the FlipTop fanbase. There are still many more great talents out there, which is why the league decided to organize a second event. On the 4th of May, 2024 is Won Minutes Luzon 2. It will be held once again at 88 FRYER in Timog, Quezon City. The entrance fee is 250 pesos and it includes one free FlipTop Beer. The show will begin at 8 PM.

Ten battles will be held here and as always, it features some of the best up-and-comers in the scene right now. You will see elite lyricists from beloved underground leagues such as Motus, PULO, FRBL, and Tuligsalitaan. To those who are still not familiar with the concept, Won Minutes is a FlipTop event established in early 2019 that puts a spotlight mostly on the next generation of the league. However, there are a few occasions where some returning veterans competed. As for the battles, the lineup will consist of three 60-second rounds, just like in the early days.

The future of FlipTop is shining bright, and you can be part of it. Come to 88 FRYER this Saturday for a night of epic rap battles and good food and drinks. Anygma also announced that there MIGHT be a part 3. Watch out for that. It just shows that the battle scene is huge right now!