The 2024 Isabuhay Lineup (Updated)

FlipTop has already released the official lineup and bracket. Let’s talk about the 2024 Isabuhay Tournament.

Dante Romero
March 27, 2024

Second Sight 12 saw the beginning of the 2024 Isabuhay. Six battles were held for the tournament, all of which are instant classics. After the event, FlipTop revealed the official lineup and bracketing. While we’re waiting for the next two first-round matches, let’s talk about the list of competitors. It has the potential to be an all-timer, thanks to the mix of veterans and newcomers as well as the diversity of styles.

For those who don’t want to read about Second Sight 12 and Isabuhay spoilers, this is our warning to you. We will show you the UPDATED list, so if you weren’t able to attend the event, you can stop reading now. For those who were able to witness it live, let’s start with the discussion! 


One of the favorites to win it all, GL has quickly acquired a huge fanbase with his unpredictable technical lyricism and concepts. He always aims to introduce something new in his battles, and this tournament won’t be any different. We believe GL will give his full force here. His previous critically acclaimed matches are just appetizers.


Apart from being one of the most hardworking battle emcees in the scene, there’s no denying JDee’s constant improvement. Whether it’s his pen game, delivery, or angles, you can always expect a top-tier performance from him. He may have lost his recent match, but he’ll make sure he has an epic comeback in this tournament.

Sur Henyo

The 2017 Isabuhay finalist is back and based on his latest matches, he’s serious about finally becoming champion this time. Sur Henyo remains to be very effective when it comes to mixing comedy with hard-hitting technical bars. He is also known for his intense stage presence so expect him to bring his absolute A-game here.

EJ Power

After making an impact in the international battle circuit, EJ Power returns to the Philippines with a plan to win the 2024 Isabuhay Championship. His humor is his biggest strength, but no one can deny the vast improvement of his technical rhyming as well. With a clever pen game and absolute confidence, don’t be shocked if EJ Power reaches the finals. 


It’s Poison13’s fifth time joining Isabuhay. He lost the past two tournaments because of stumbles but if he stays consistent here, he has a huge chance of finally becoming champ. Poison13 continues to amaze fans with his top-notch technical rhymes and on-stage intensity. Expect him to further elevate his pen game in his next match.


Romano, after taking a quick break from battle rap, is back with a vengeance! Armed with his trademark aggressive delivery and brilliant mix of effective humor and brutality, expect a top-tier performance from him in this tournament. Romano is also arguably one of, if not the strongest, in this list when it comes to rebuttals.


Ruffian made his FlipTop debut last year and instantly gained a large following. His awe-inspiring wordplays and metaphors, combined with his raw energy, are enough to call him a threat in this tournament. Does he stand a chance of winning the championship? If he stays consistent and continues to spit quality bars with confidence, then yes.


SlockOne started as a comedy rapper but last year, he proved to everyone, especially his haters, that he’s also as lethal when it comes to spitting heavy bars. Now that he combines both in his verses, don’t be surprised if he reaches the finals of the 2024 tournament. SlockOne’s flow and delivery also remain to be effective.


Arguably the most improved emcee of 2023, Vitrum vows to cement his legacy as a top-tier talent in 2024. His past two battles showed a more humorous side of him without abandoning his trademark ruthlessness. Now that we have a well-rounded Vitrum that is more confident than ever, the other emcees in the lineup better watch out. 


After a controversial loss at last year’s tournament, G-Clown returns for another shot at the Isabuhay championship. His rapid-fire flow remains one of the best in the league, and he continues to drop hard technical lines with sparks of witty comedy. G-Clown also shows supreme confidence on stage, making him a total package emcee and a viable threat in this contest.

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So who do you think will be crowned this year’s champion? Feel free to share it in the comments section. The first round will wrap up at Gubat 13. Kindly follow FlipTop’s Facebook page for ticket information and updates regarding the quarterfinals. 2024 is already gearing up to be a very memorable year for battle rap. Enjoy the ride!