New Segment: FlipTop Sound Check

Learn more about FlipTop’s new segment, FlipTop Sound Check.

Raymond Antonio
December 02, 2022

Have you ever wondered what happens before and during a FlipTop event? Are you going to attend a FlipTop event for the first time? Well, this segment is for you. Shot mini-docu style, this new segment aims to highlight an event’s behind-the-scenes. 

We get to see the staff’s preparations up-close; from setting up equipment to conducting pre and post-battle interviews. Aside from that, we also have the chance to witness the battle emcees preparing for their respective matches before the event starts. Other battle emcees and event goers are also interviewed to share their thoughts or predictions about the battles.

For the segment’s debut, it featured a three-part episode on Ahon 12 last year. Viewers were treated to various behind-the-scenes footage accompanied with commentary from Anygma and other emcees. The three-part episode on Ahon 12 signified the end of the quarantine battles era. The subsequent episodes featured FlipTop's return to live events after two years.

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Contrary to the misconception of some people that hip-hop events are riotous in nature, this segment shows that the hip-hop community is organized as a whole. As a fan myself, I enjoy watching this segment because I get to appreciate and understand how every FlipTop event is meticulously planned and executed. FlipTop Sound Check is a great way to introduce live events to new fans and even outsiders that haven’t watched a FlipTop event yet. The latest episodes feature Luxuria and Pistolero, who will be facing each other in the Isabuhay 2022 Finals at Ahon 13.

As the days draw near to Ahon 13, I hope to see many first-time event goers! For ticket reservations and inquiries, you may send a private message to the league’s Facebook page.

WATCH: FlipTop Sound Check