FlipTop Segment: Anygma Machine

What exactly is the Anygma Machine and why should you watch it? Let us enlighten you.

Raymond Antonio
March 13, 2024

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, strict protocols were enforced to prevent the further spread of the virus. This means that FlipTop, like most companies during that time, was forced to temporarily stop its operations. To keep the fans entertained and distracted from the horrors of the coronavirus, the league decided to create the Anygma Machine. The name is a play on the famous encryption device which was developed during the early 20th century.

The first episode was released on the 29th of April 2020, and it was originally a review of past FlipTop battles, particularly those that haven’t reached a million views, except for Zaito vs Abra, which was requested by DJ UMPH aka Kuya Kevs. Anygma breaks down each round of the emcees and shares his thoughts on who won the match. Viewers were also treated to a brief story about the event and how the battle was set up. This original format lasted for 10 episodes before taking a brief hiatus. It returned in October 2022 with a brand new approach. Instead of individual battles, the revamped Anygma Machine focuses on the whole event, with the FlipTop president discussing each upcoming bout in the lineup. The first event to be discussed was Unibersikulo 11.

The Anygma Machine is a must-watch especially if you want to take a closer look into the mind of the league’s head honcho as well as the world of battle rap. Anygma will explain in detail why each showdown is worth checking out and what he expects from it. If you’re initially unimpressed with a certain lineup, then this segment will help you change your mind, thanks to the thorough analysis. For the true fans, it will get you hyped up even more for the occasion. It can also help you familiarize yourself further with certain battle rap terms and the individual styles of the emcees.

Gubat 12 is the latest episode of the Anygma Machine. Check it out if you haven’t yet and of course, watch out for future uploads. You can find out more about the behind–the–scenes of FlipTop in the Sound Check segments. What’s your favorite non-battle feature in the league? Kindly let us know in the comments section!

WATCH: Anygma Machine