From A Fan's Perspective

From A Fan’s Perspective: Why I’m Excited for Second Sight 12

This solid FlipTop fan will tell you why you should check out Second Sight 12.

Anonymous Battle Fan
March 12, 2024

On March 23, 2024, FlipTop will hold the 12th Second Sight event at Tiu Theater in Makati Central Square. Established in 2010, Second Sight is usually held in the early months, and as the name suggests, it sets the vision of what’s in store for FlipTop for the rest of the year. As a longtime fan of battle rap, I believe this lineup is one of the most exciting the league has ever produced. I believe these eight matches will be monumental and here’s why.

First off, six Isabuhay battles are happening here. That’s more than half of the first-round matches! Looking at the lineup, the 2024 tournament has the potential to be an all-timer. It’s a mix of veterans and up-and-comers plus there are emcees that will be joining for the first time. Each match is unpredictable and could bring out the best in the participants. I’m very much looking forward to Sur Henyo vs JR Zero, Marshall Bonifacio vs Vitrum, and Apoc vs Ruffian, but I definitely won’t sleep on the other three as well. I believe this year’s tournament will give us fans plenty of unforgettable battles and moments. Keep in mind that the full list of competitors has not yet been released. Who do you think are the remaining four? We’re excited to find out too! 

Of course, let’s not sleep on the two non-tournament matchups. M Zhayt vs Emar Industriya is a style clash that could be a game-changer in rap lyricism. While both emcees have different methods of rhyming and presentation, they’re similar when it comes to powerful punchlines and delivery. Jonas vs Plazma could be the most entertaining battle of the night. These two emcees have mastered the well-rounded style and have been very impressive in their recent battles.

I still see a few criticisms about the event not having “big names” or about the lack of “high profile” matches. My advice is to just wait and see. Throughout the years, FlipTop’s matchmaking may have been unorthodox to some, but nevertheless, the majority of the battles delivered and made history. The most recent example is Bwelta Balentong 10. On paper, many felt that it would be lackluster only to end up as one of 2023’s best events. The league has been active for 14 years now. Let’s stop underestimating the emcees that aren’t your “idols”.

Good luck to everyone in the lineup! We hope you all bring your A-game and give us fans a great show. I feel like it will indeed be great! There’s still more than a week left before Second Sight 12 so get your tickets now before they run out. For pre-sale tickets, you can send a private message to FlipTop’s Facebook page or check out their posts regarding other stores where you can also purchase. For everyone who already has their tix, we’ll see you on the 23rd of March. How about you? Are you looking forward to Second Sight 12? What’s your favorite FlipTop event so far? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.