Why Second Sight 10 is Historic

Second Sight 10 is unforgettable for many FlipTop fans. Here’s why.

Dante Romero
March 07, 2024

Four years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic began and forced the whole world to go on lockdown. Everyone had to study or work online and only certain establishments such as hospitals, supermarkets, pharmacies, and banks were open. If you’re going out, you would have to show quarantine passes to your respective barangay officials. We were also forced to comply with checkpoints and ever-changing curfew laws. Obviously, live events were a big no-no which was why FlipTop, as with other companies, had to put the rest of their 2020 plans on hold. Good thing they were still able to push through with The FlipTop Festival a month before.

In July 2020, when quarantine levels eased in Metro Manila, the league decided to organize battle events again. However, with big crowds still prohibited, only emcees and staff were allowed to attend. It was an odd and a bit sad sight at first because of the lack of an enthusiastic response from a large audience, but since we were still getting classic matches and performances, it was enough at the time. We learned to accept that we had to wait much longer before we could pack up venues again.

After two years, we slowly witnessed our return to normalcy. There were new variants of the virus but they weren’t as dangerous as the previous ones thanks to the vaccines. Live events were allowed again and on March 2022, FlipTop announced their first event with a live crowd since February 2020. Second Sight 10 took place on April 23, 2022, at Tiu Theater in Makati Central Square.

Second Sight 10 reminded us why audience reaction is integral in battle rap. No disrespect to the bangers of the quarantine battles era but nothing beats the genuine emotion of the crowd at every line from a verse. Even the simple words like “mag-ingay” from Anygma already gets us hyped up for the show. Hearing all of these after going through the pandemic was definitely something that we will cherish forever. Going back to 2020, we all thought we would never return to normal again and now we’re back at Tiu Theater, it was a special moment for all of us.

As for the emcees, you could tell that they missed rapping in front of thousands of fans. Everyone brought their A-game and we were treated to some memorable style clashes, pure lyrical showcases, and comedic battles. On this night, we overcame adversity and brought back the energy from the pre-pandemic days. We started a new chapter in the league and lucky for us, it continued from there. So with that being said, no one can deny that Second Sight 10 is a historic night, especially for those who were in attendance. Much respect for Anygma, the rest of the staff, and all of the emcees for powering through and keeping the art form alive in those trying times. Now that it seems like COVID is behind us, let us cherish each moment in the next events that we will be attending. See you all on Second Sight 12. FlipTop, mag-ingay!