New Releases From FlipTop Emcees

Not only battle rap, but local hip-hop music is also on a roll this year. Here are the latest projects from FlipTop emcees.

Dante Romero
October 17, 2023

Over the years, Anygma always made sure to remind FlipTop fans that battle rap is similar to a “slam dunk contest” in basketball. The real victory of an emcee comes in the form of music. After all, the league’s primary aim is to elevate the local hip-hop scene as a whole. They’ve done a good job so far in exposing more and more people not only to the verbal combat skills of the rappers but also to their songs.

After watching the awesome battles, make sure you check out the latest releases of FlipTop emcees from the past two months. We’ve decided to list them in no particular order to avoid unnecessary arguments about ranking. So get your playlists ready and let’s start…

Mhot - Panalo Kasa

Mhot’s debut solo album “Panalo Kasa” is a testament to his diversity as a lyricist. There’s the occasional braggadocio, but the 2017 Isabuhay Champion also effectively showed a much more personal side of him. The LP is an unforgettable journey through Mhot’s life, from his humble beginnings to his phenomenal, much-deserved ascent. 

Meek & Chill – Asta

The duo of Mhot and K-Ram, better known as Meek & Chill, has just released the third single from their upcoming album. In “Asta”, the two emcees called out all the fakes in the scene and reminded everyone that if you want to stay relevant in the game, you need to keep it real. Apart from the convincing verses and mesmerizing beat, the hook is also guaranteed to stick with you. 

Karisma - Hanggang Ngayon feat. Broki

Karisma teamed up with fellow emcee Broki for the laidback track “Hanggang Ngayon”. They talked about their past troubles and how they learned from every single one of them. Inspirational songs are nothing new in hip-hop, but Karisma and Broki made the song stand out by incorporating their real-life experiences. The rhymes are solid, the beat is catchy, and most of all, the message is effective.

Ruffian – Next

Ruffian formally introduces himself using his brand of lyricism in “Next”. If you enjoyed his battles, then you will certainly appreciate this one too. He delivered haymaker after haymaker and also showcased his incredible flow. Ruffian proved in this song that he’s the real deal when it comes to battle rap and music and he can rhyme on any beat.

Arma – Antimano

Arma finally released the official music video for his song “Antimano”. We see him rapping in various locations of the city and while it’s a simple concept, the editing style and cinematography made it fresh. As for the track itself, Arma shares his story about his life as an emcee through impressive rhyme schemes and sharp vocabulary. 

Loonie - ARÁL feat. Abra, Ron Henley, Apekz

On the 22nd of September 2023, Loonie surprised us all with the release of his new song “ARÁL”. Joining him are his day-one homies Abra, Ron Henley, and Apekz. It’s a showcase of their unique styles, with each verse containing complex multisyllabic rhymes and rapid-fire flows.  The music video for “ARÁL” also gained a positive reaction, thanks to its captivating visual effects. 

Shehyee – Opo

“Opo” is Shehyee’s most personal and heartfelt song to date. Released on October 6, 2023, it features Shehyee having a conversation with his parents about his rap aspiration. You could feel the emotion all throughout the track and many would certainly relate to it. “Opo” may not have an abundance of metaphors and an intricate scheme, but the words and the delivery are enough to call it powerful.

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Please let us know in the comments section if we forgot something. For the new fans reading this, hopefully, you will enjoy these projects and have a much deeper appreciation for the talent of the emcees. There will definitely be many more to come before the year ends.