New Pinoy Hip-hop Tracks (May 25-June 13 2023)

So what’s new in our local scene? Check out these latest tracks.

Dante Romero
June 13, 2023

We’re halfway through 2023 already. Wow! Since January, we’ve been blessed with bangers by our local talents and it’s certain that we will be getting more in the next six months. From albums to singles to music videos, there’s an abundance of masterpieces for us fans to check out. Philippine hip-hop is clearly more active than ever.

If you’re not updated with the music scene, then let us help you out. These are the latest tracks from the last two weeks. Add them to your playlist and make sure you share them with your fellow fans as well. No need for a long introduction. Let’s start…

Schizophrenia feat. Hev Abi – Superlabsong

Schizophrenia (Harlem and Mcee Zabala) teamed up with rookie of the year candidate Hev Abi for “Superlabsong”. It’s the usual love song concept, but the three emcees made it unique with their intricate rhyme schemes and captivating flow. The beat has that r&b feel, which is perfect for the track.

Salabatkalabasaokra Gang n' Nem feat. gins&melodies, Hev Abi, Unotheone, & LK – DownTown Q

“Downtown Q” features Hev Abi as well as other up-and-coming rappers from the Tomas Morato area. The track has two beats, both of which have a laidback tone. Despite the chill approach of the sound, each emcee still managed to keep the hype up with their witty verses.

Apekz – Battousai

Apekz returns to his battle-oriented style in “Battousai”. Klumcee is responsible for the instrumental, which contains a mesmerizing oriental vibe. Lyrics-wise, “Battousai” features Apekz in top form. He spits braggadocio bars with his trademark impeccable multis and complex flow. 

Crazzy G, JR Zero, Hi-Jakkk, & Salbakuta - Welcome to Talipapa

Dongalo Wreckords delivers another all-out attack on their critics in “Welcome to Talipapa”. Crazzy G, JR Zero, Hi-Jakkk, and Salbakuta showcased their distinct lyrical styles on a solid boom bap beat. The label is here to stay, and this track further solidified it.

CLR feat. Gloc-9 – PS

No matter what happens, always focus on your goals. That’s the message of the track “PS”. CLR and Gloc-9 spit their inspirational lines on an effective minimalist beat. The two lyricists maintained their melodic style of rapping, which continues to be popular among their huge fanbase.

Mr. Phoebu$ feat. King Badger and Ryssi – HALF WAY

It’s another love song that has the potential to be a hit. In “HALF WAY”, Mr. Phoebu$ and King Badger rap about their ideal woman using their catchy rhymes while Ryssi shares her lovely voice in the chorus. Mark Beats provided the beat, which also has that old school r&b influence.

CK YG – Headshot

Do you like diss tracks? You will definitely enjoy this one! CK YG fired the first shot and made sure it was indeed a “Headshot”. Each line became much more ruthless thanks to CK YG’s raw energy and the intense drill beat of YoungMLV and Ghost. Let’s sit back and enjoy the show!

Kate - Say My Name

One of the most promising up-and-comers in the scene, Kate showcases her badassery in “Say My Name”. She addressed her detractors with hard-hitting lines and enough aggression that will make you want to spaz out with her. Fans of drill rap will surely appreciate YoungMLV’s equally catchy beat.

Paul N Ballin - H.I.T.S.

Paul N Ballin reminded us that he’s the hottest in the scene in his new track, hence ”H.I.T.S.”. His bars are straightforward and his raspy delivery made each line much more impactful. Production-wise, just like in“Ballin N Tha Hood”,  Mark Beats paid tribute to old school gangsta rap.

Meek & Chill – ‘Di Sana

Meek & Chill (Mhot and K-Ram) tackles heartbreak in their latest track “’Di Sana”. Once again, the duo combined rapping and singing, making way for a song that will certainly get stuck in your head for a long time. Clinxy’s instrumental successfully captured the track’s melancholic atmosphere.

Bugoy na Koykoy feat. Samsara 304 - Tuloy Lang Ang Ride

So do you want another love song? This one is for you. “Tuloy Lang Ang Ride” sees Bugoy na Koykoy serenading his woman (or women) with his usual laidback delivery on a relaxing beat. Samsara 304 sings the chorus, which is as catchy as the bars.

Bugoy na Koykoy - Babalik Yan Mamaya

Bugoy na Koykoy flexes his lifestyle once again in “Babalik Yan Mamaya”. While his lines aren’t technical or complex, he makes up for it with his signature swag and chill delivery. The beat, which is produced by Eversince, compliments the laidback feel of the verse.

Waiian – UP

Waiian kept it positive in his new song “UP”. With his witty Taglish rhymes, he talked about his past struggles in life and how he was able to overcome it. RuiijiKun’s chill lo-fi beat mixed perfectly with Waiian’s nonchalant style.

Pricetagg (ft. Nateman, Titus Jim, Maxy Presko & Sordan) - Villain Gang

The bad guys are here and they ain’t going anywhere! Pricetagg joined forces with Nateman, Titus Jim, Maxy Presko, and Sordan for this gangsta rap banger entitled “Villain Gang”. The emcees dropped their hardest verses to date on Mark Beats’ aggressive trap production.

No Mannas - Kesa Before

Do you want another inspirational jam? Check out No Mannas’ newest song “Kesa Before”. The group talked about their past hardships and how they managed to rise above each one. DJ Mango did a great job with the production, which has a feel-good vibe to it.

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Please kindly inform us in the comments section if we missed something. With so many songs coming out recently, we’re sure we forgot to include a few entries. Aside from listening to these tracks, make sure you also attend the shows. There are so many events taking place in the coming months. Follow the social media pages of these artists to be updated. Let us continue supporting local hip-hop.