Das Wak

Emcees answer what's wack for them.

EP01 - Battle Emcee

Emcees share what's a wack battle emcee for them.

EP02 - Society

Emcees share what's wack in our society.

EP03 - Person

Learn what a wack person is, according to the emcees.

EP04 - Battle Rap Fan

What makes a wack battle rap fan, according to the emcees.

EP05 - Philippines

Emcees share what's wack about the Philippines.

EP06 - Rappers

Emcees describe wack rappers.

EP07 - Gawaing Bahay

Wack household chores, according to emcees.

EP08 - Sports

Emcees share wack sports.


Tweng vs Kial

Ahon 6 (Day 1)


Zaito vs Hazky

Ahon 9 (Day 1)


Shernan/M Zhayt vs Mikidee/Wise Wunn

Unibersikulo 5

Isabuhay 2017

Bud Vibes

The FlipTop Festival (Day 2)


The FlipTop Festival (Day 1)

Dave de la Cruz

The FlipTop Festival (Day 1)