Anygma Machine

Join Anygma as he gives his pre/post-battle reviews.

EP01 - Kregga vs Frooz

Anygma reviews Kregga vs Frooz from Ahon 8.

EP02 - Invictus vs Jonas

Anygma reviews Invictus vs Jonas from Bwelta Balentong 4.

EP03 - EJ Power vs El Quiel

Anygma reviews EJ Power vs El Quiel from Ahon 6.

EP04 - Pistolero vs Damsa

Anygma reviews Pistolero vs Damsa from Zoning Seminals.

EP05 - Plazma vs Asser

Anygma reviews Plazma vs Asser from Gubat 5.

EP06 - Abra vs Zaito

Anygma reviews Abra vs Zaito from Down N' South.

EP07 - Protege vs Bender

Anygma reviews Protege vs Bender from Tectonics 2.

EP08 - Dosage vs Zend Luke

Anygma reviews Dosage vs Zend Luke from Pakusganay 6.

EP09 - Cerberus vs Lanzeta

Anygma reviews Cerberus vs Lanzeta from Aspakan 3.

EP10 - Sayadd vs Pistolero

Anygma reviews Sayadd vs Pistolero from Second Sight 4.

EP11 - Unibersikulo 11

Anygma gives his pre-battle review of Unibersikulo 11.

EP12 - Zoning 15

Anygma gives his pre-battle review of Zoning 15.



Protege vs RBTO

Down N South Non-Tournament

Pistolero vs Kregga

Ahon 5 (Day 1) Non-Tournament

Harlem vs Zend Luke

Zoning 12 Isabuhay 2020

Rocky Rivera

The FlipTop Festival (Day 1)

Mike Kosa

The FlipTop Festival (Day 1)

Al James

The FlipTop Festival (Day 1)