New Music Videos From FlipTop Emcees

Pinoy hip-hop you don’t stop! Here are the latest music videos featuring your favorite FlipTop emcees.

Dante Romero
January 25, 2023

   One of the biggest misconceptions in battle rap is that the emcees who participate in it can’t make good songs. If you look at FlipTop alone, you already know that the aforementioned statement is false. Apart from their verbal wars, most of the members of the league’s roster have also made an impact with their tracks. Today, we’re going to focus on that.

   These are some of the latest music videos featuring FlipTop rappers. Check them out if you haven’t yet and don’t forget to share them with your fellow fans. Anygma has said it many times before: battling is equivalent to a slam dunk contest in basketball. The real showcase of skills comes in music. 

Pricetagg feat. Omar Baliw – Nego$yante

   Directed and edited by REIKA, the music video for “Nego$yante” sees Pricetagg and Omar Baliw celebrate their victories by showcasing their successful business ventures. The opening, which stars the two emcees with producer Mark beats as gas station attendants, is the perfect metaphor for their humble beginnings. It’s straight to the point, but more importantly, it can serve as a motivational piece for everyone.

Pistolero feat. K-Ram – Day Off

   2022 Isabuhay Champion Pistolero teams up with fellow 3GS emcee K-Ram for the laid-back track “Day Off”. Sherwin Carl Latoja directed and edited the music video, which shows the two rappers just chilling and having a good time with their family and friends. After weeks of focusing on music, battle rap, and business, they deserve a break, even for just one day. The visuals are simple yet effective, making you want to take a breather as well.

Zend Luke – Mundo

   Zend Luke takes a stroll through the busy city streets while reflecting on reality in the music video for “Mundo”. Leo Baya served as director and he successfully captured the overall theme of the track. Like with “Day Off”, “Mundo” didn’t need a complicated narrative. The images are striking, but they still let Zend Luke’s brilliant rhymes take the spotlight.  

Smugglaz – SAMIN

   Melvin Dave sat in the director’s chair for the official MV of Smugglaz’s hit single “SAMIN”. We watch as Smugglaz spits heavy bars through the streets of LA and Manila, which symbolizes how far he has come in his journey. It also contains scenes where the veteran emcee is rapping with his artist friends in the background. This shows that Smugglaz, despite his success, will always be there for his day ones.

CONZ feat. Apekz – MAOY

   From ALON Creatives come the visuals for CONZ and Apekz’s banger “MAOY”. Fans of early to mid-2000s hip-hop videos will surely appreciate the fast cars and fine ladies featured here. There’s also a party scene where things get chaotic, hence the title “MAOY”. CONZ impresses with his gangsta rap bars while Apekz delivers his usual awe-inspiring flow and multis.

Sixth Threat, Sak Maestro – BANG!

   Another music video that will take you back to 2000s hip-hop. The MV for “BANG!” is directed by EJ Fernandez, and features Sixth Threat and Sak Maestro dropping bars with cars, women, and graffiti in the background. We also see scenes of them rocking shows in various parts of the world. The aforementioned visuals represent the line in the chorus “now killaz in the game!” Indeed, they are. 

Psykadelik – Behind the Shadows

   He’s inactive in battling now, but he’s still representing his unique brand of hip-hop through tracks. Witness Psykadelik spit complex rhymes in the dark corners of the city in the visuals for his song “Behind the Shadows”. Shot and edited by his Kalawakan Krew comrade Dosage, the MV brings to life the sinister vibe of the lyrics and the beat. Pinoy leftfield rap is still alive thanks to bangers like this one.

Marvin Ivan feat. Emar Industriya – Pagkakamali

   Uprising’s Emar Industriya shares a spoken word piece on Marvin Ivan’s ballad “Pagkakamali”. Power Trip Studios is the team behind the minimalist music video. The gloomy shots of the two artists and the busy streets represent the theme of the song: failed relationships. With its powerful and at the same time relatable content, it definitely stands out from the other “hugot” songs.

   Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section if we forgot something. Congratulations to the emcees for the release of their visual masterpieces. We hope to hear more from you this year. 2023 is just getting started, but the local hip-hop scene is already making big moves. To the supporters, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.