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Tiny Montana, Lanzeta, Juan Thugs, Range, Sinio, Kris Delano, Hev Abi - Where Ya From 3 (Song And Music Video Review)

The third chapter of Where Ya From is finally here! Check out our review of the track and the official MV.

Dante Romero
April 09, 2024

After more than two years, the third chapter of one of the most beloved posse cuts in Pinoy hip-hop has finally arrived. For those who are unfamiliar, Where Ya From was introduced by Tiny Montana in 2021 and features top rappers from different parts of the country representing their hometowns through their bars. Parts 1 and 2 instantly became big hits upon release, leaving fans wanting more. Now that part 3 is here, it’s time we talk about not only the song but also the music video. Will it be another monumental anthem? Here are our thoughts!

The song:
Part 3 features Lanzeta (Olongapo), Juan Thugs (Caloocan), Range (Cebu), Sinio (Pampanga), Kris Delano (Paco), and Hev Abi (Quezon City). What makes Where Ya From 3, together with 1 and 2, special is that thanks to the diverse lineup, each artist shined. We had an up-close look at the distinct styles of the emcees, taking us listeners on an exciting musical journey from start to finish. Lanzeta showcased his intricate multis and vivid imagery followed by a display of impeccable flow from the legendary Juan Thugs. Range then spits heavy bar after heavy bar in Bisaya, English, and Tagalog while Sinio wows us all with his hardcore rap verse. Kris Delano represented Paco well with his signature laidback tone and creative metaphors. Hev Abi ended the song on a high note using his melodic rapping style, which made him one of the biggest acts in the local music scene today. Tiny Montana’s chorus once again proves that you don’t need to be verbose in creating an effective hook. 

The beat also deserves credit for making all three Where Ya From editions a masterpiece. Produced by the one and only Cursebox, the boom bap drums and West Coast rap-inspired keys are enough to hype up any listener. Much like the chorus, the instrumental is proof that sometimes you don’t need to be too technical or complex to produce a certified banger. 

The music video:
Berghy Nulud and Jaderon Catedrilla are responsible for the visuals behind Where Ya From 3. They’re successful in bringing to life the lyrics by highlighting the emcees, their homies, and their respective hoods. There are a few special cameos here and if you spotted them all, let us know in the comments section.  The scenes are shot at different times and places as shown in Tiny Montana’s teaser posts on social media, but it didn’t look like it, thanks to the smooth transitions. Apart from that, viewers are also treated to some stunning drone shots. The Where Ya From 3 music video will certainly be included in best-of lists by the end of the year.

As of now, the MV has over 800,000 views on YouTube and over 81,000 streams on Spotify. Don’t be surprised if the numbers vastly increase because Where Ya From 3 is another banger posse track. For the third time, it did a great job of putting a spotlight on both the emcee and their city. With its clever mix of top-notch lyricism and catchy production, you can enjoy Where Ya From 3 in the club or the comfort of your own home. We can’t wait for part 4!