From A Fan's Perspective

From A Fan’s Perspective: Why Gubat 13 is Must-see

A battle rap enthusiast will let us know why Gubat 13 is worth checking out live!

Anonymous Battle Fan
April 09, 2024

In less than two weeks, FlipTop returns to Cebu for the 13th Gubat event. It will be held at Mariner’s Court, Legaspi Ext. There will be eight battles, two of which are for the 2024 Isabuhay Tournament. As a fan who has attended a total of five events in Cebu, I can say that Gubat 13 has a huge chance of being an all-timer. I’m here to tell you all why…

Let’s begin with the two first-round Isabuhay matches. Poison13 vs EJ Power is guaranteed to be a showcase of solid lyricism and performance. After a historic bout against Cali Smoov in the US, EJ Power goes back to the motherland with one goal in mind and that is to become champion. Apart from his witty humor and impressive multis, EJ Power is also armed with equally hard-hitting technical skills. Poison13, who is now on his fifth Isabuhay run, aims to finally win the championship this year. As long as he avoids stumbling in his verses and exceeds expectations, he might be able to bring home the grand prize. Both emcees have powerful deliveries and always show confidence on stage, so expect this battle to be a banger.

GL vs JDee is the other 2024 Isabuhay matchup. GL has been on a roll lately, continuously leaving the crowd in awe with his complex writing and fresh concepts. I believe this tournament is where we will see him unleash his ultimate form. This is JDee’s third time joining Isabuhay and there’s no doubt that his past two runs were remarkable. His delivery remains one of the most ruthless in FlipTop, and he always perfectly balances comedy and brutal bars, making him a legitimate threat in this competition. I have a feeling this will be a very close match.

Hazky vs Asser is a contest between two eclectic battle emcees. Hazky has proven more than once that apart from his trademark humor and antics, he’s also very effective when it comes to vicious lines. Whether it’s comedy, technical, hardcore, or all three combined, Asser always shows something new in his verses in each battle. Combine them with his sharp delivery and intricate flow and you got a rapper that is sure to give a remarkable performance.

We also have the return of Kregga, who was last seen at Ahon 13. He’s one of the most well-known in the league when it comes to the unorthodox style. He’ll be battling in the Bisaya Conference against Mistah Lefty. While he’s relatively new to battle rap, Mistah Lefty has been making waves in the Cebu music scene, releasing hit song after hit song. Many were impressed by his performance in his RAPOLLO battles so don’t sleep on him in FlipTop!

Empithri and Kenzer had a great 2023 and they vow to start 2024 with a bang. We’ll see Empithri with his intricate wordplays going against Kenzer’s in-your-face punchlines. Ban and Nadnad made an impact in the previous Gubat, and they aim to do it again this year. Both emcees are known for their well-rounded style and intense delivery, so get ready for an entertaining match. Mimack and Deadline also rocked the crowd at last year’s Cebu event, and now that they’re facing off, expect a back-and-forth bout. Prepare for clever metaphors and complex rhyming on this one. As for Murdz and Nathan, they may have lost their last matches, but there’s still no denying their lyrical skill. Witness Murdz’s superb technical lyricism versus Nathan’s devastating punches.

So do you already have your ticket? If not, please refer to the image above for details on where to get pre-sale tickets. There’s also a walk-in option if you choose to attend on the day itself. See you all at Gubat 13 on April 20. I’m expecting an energetic crowd all night long!

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