Ahon 4: What Went Down

It’s arguably one of FlipTop’s most exciting events. Let’s talk about the epic fourth chapter of Ahon.

Dante Romero
November 25, 2022

   Action-packed is the perfect description for 2012 in FlipTop. The first half was mostly dominated by the historic Dos Por Dos Tournament, where Shehyee and Smugglaz became the undisputed champions. Instead of taking a break, FlipTop decided to hold more events throughout the year. They were able to go to Cavite (Kataga) and Pampanga (Aspakan) and put on more classic matches. Still not satisfied, Anygma and co. agreed to organize another affair. It’s not just any other occasion. It’s the fourth edition of Ahon. 

   By that time, Ahon is already regarded by many as one of the biggest events in FlipTop, so fans were very excited about it. Reaction was mixed on the battles when the video flyer came out in October.  The solid supporters appreciated the matches while the casuals and new fans weren’t really enthusiastic because they were expecting more popular names in the lineup. However, a lot of hip-hop heads were ecstatic upon finding out about the program on the third day.

   Ahon 4 (Watch: Ahon 4 Day 1 and Ahon 4 Day 2) took place in the now-defunct B-Side, which served as the league’s unofficial home in Metro Manila until 2018. Days one and two consisted of twelve rap battles each. It’s also the first time that all divisions of FlipTop were present. The live attendance wasn’t as impressive as the previous B-Side events, but everyone loved the return of the pit style setup. It was like a trip back to the inaugural Second Sight on March 2010.

   After the 24th match, Ahon 4 ended up becoming another monumental affair. Who could forget the heated exchange between Aklas and PriceTagg or the witty humor from Zaito and Badang? How about the art of lyricism displayed by Tipsy D and Icaruz or the surprising victories of then-up-and-comers such as Rudic, Batang Rebelde, Rapido, and G-Spot? How about the underrated gems like Frooz vs Sayadd, Zero Hour vs Tweng, and Fongger vs Bogchik? Another highlight is Sinio’s flawless performance. It’s considered to be the beginning of his superstardom. The other battles delivered as well, including the beatbox showdowns. 

   The venue was packed once again on day 3. There were no matchups. It was strictly live musical performances, headlined by the legendary Fil-Am emcee Bambu for his Rent Money Tour. He rocked the crowd from start to finish with his thought-provoking, socially-conscious lyrics. Even non-fans started singing along to the rhymes after being blown away by the powerful words. Bambu basically gave an emceeing workshop. As for the other performers, they also did their thing. The FlipTop artists proved that they’re more than just battle rappers while Dash, Miscellaneous, Pamilia Dimagiba, and Arbie Won showed why they’re hailed as legends in the game.

   Without a doubt, Ahon 4 will forever be remembered not only for the memorable battles and performances but also for bringing together artists from different parts of the country. It is where FlipTop officially became nationwide! Ten years later, Ahon continues to make history. We hope to see you all again in the 13th chapter on December 16 and 17. Keep on checking the league’s Facebook page for updates. The poster is coming very soon!