From A Fan’s Perspective: Won Minutes Luzon 2024 2

How was Won Minutes Luzon 2 last Saturday? This FlipTop fan shares their thoughts.

Anonymous Staff
May 07, 2024

Won Minutes Luzon 2 was my first FlipTop event to see live since Ahon 13. It was my only free time so far so I invited two of my friends who are fellow rap battle fans and good thing they also had no other plans that night. We arrived at 88 Fryer around quarter to 9 in the evening and were surprised to see the place packed. It was so awesome to see the new breed of emcees getting support. 

As for the lineup of the event, I admit I was unfamiliar with the work of the emcees involved. I just heard from numerous people online that they’re well-known in the underground battle rap scene. The matches still got me excited because for me, it’s always great to witness the future of this industry. Plus, if you’ve watched live before, you know how fun it is. No matter what the lineup is, you can expect a memorable show.

So was Won Minutes Luzon 2 epic? The short answer is YES! I won’t be surprised if it ends up in my list of best events of the year. How epic was it? Literally, every battle garnered a loud reaction from us the crowd. I’ll just share what I think are the highlights of the night, in no particular order.  There’s one match where an emcee choked all three rounds but there were glimpses of his skills. Hopefully, he’ll do much, much better next time. His opponent, however, gave an impeccable performance! Her name is Aubrey and she’ll be a serious threat when she steps on the big stage. She dropped punchline after punchline plus her stage presence was strong all throughout. When the event poster was released, many questioned the addition of Shaboy. For those who don’t know, he was the one involved in Sirdeo’s infamous angle in his Ahon 13 bout with Hazky. I was also one of his doubters but after watching him battle at Won Minutes, I immediately became a fan. He has the potential to be a legendary comedic emcee with his witty lines and originality. Another comedy rapper who shined that night is Dodong Saypa. His bars and angles are more on the unorthodox side, and his delivery is sure to stand out. 

What is the battle of the night for me? I would say it’s a tie between BLZR vs Bisente and Carlito vs Eveready. BLZR vs Bisente is a showcase of intricate lyricism and flawless delivery. They both represented the technical style but managed to bring something fresh with it. Carlito vs Eveready will literally surprise everyone who didn’t attend the event. Just wait for it! I might change my mind about these, especially when the matches are released online. That’s how amazing the Won Minutes Luzon 2 battles are. Kalixs vs Razick and Don Rafael vs ETS are also contenders for battle of the night. Both are a perfect blend of effective humor, complex rhyming, and technical writing. Jawz vs Pamoso could’ve been a very close matchup if it wasn’t for Pamoso’s stumbles in the third round. I hope they still give him another chance though because I was very impressed by his multis and wordplays. Jawz did a superb job, and his style is an excellent combination of street and lyrical. So these are my personal picks but like I said, every battle is worth watching. 

Thank you, FlipTop staff and emcees, for another night we will never forget. For those who are still doubtful about attending Won Minutes, trust me, you won’t regret it. The latest edition was so awesome that I’m already looking forward to the next one. Don’t ever sleep on these up-and-comers because we might be seeing the next big things in battle rap. Of course, thank you also to 88 Fryer for the delicious food and drinks and good vibes. We’ve found our new hangout spot!