How Influential is JuanThugs?

Let’s take a closer look at the incredible legacy of the duo JuanThugs.

Jake Tan
May 14, 2024

Formed in 2008, JuanThugs is a duo consisting of rappers Blingzy One and Inozent One. They’re from the streets of Caloocan and have released numerous hits, all of which are independently-produced. No one can deny the impact that these two artists made on the local music scene. So how did they achieve legendary status in the game? How did they capture the hearts of many? What was their secret? Today, we’re going to talk about the legacy of JuanThugs.

Arguably, the most noticeable trait of the group is their Bone Thugs N Harmony influence. Yes, their overall sound is inspired by the Cleveland legends but despite that, they still managed to create their own style by incorporating a Pinoy flavor. JuanThugs’ music helped popularize the combination of singing and rapping in Philippine hip-hop. This melodic approach on the mic remains well-renowned today.

Writing-wise, Blingzy One and Inozent One may not be technical, but their choice of words and how they delivered them are powerful enough to generate a reaction from every listener. “Momay” is just one of the greatest examples of this. It’s still a taboo topic in the country, but the duo still managed to deliver the message successfully. Even those who are not supportive of the cause know the words to the song. “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang” further elevated the group’s status as elite songwriters. While love songs are nothing new to rap, “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang” stands out because of JuanThugs’ convincing lyrics and impeccable exchange of remarkable flows. Since then, they’ve released more gems such as “Ayoko Na”, “Wag na Wag”, “Pasalamat Ka Mahal Kita”, and “Yung Naniniwala Sa’min”, a collaboration track with Flow G, Mike Kosa, OG Sacred, Mista Blaze, and Kemikal Ali. They’re latest work is a contribution to part 3 of “Where Ya From”, where they represented Caloocan. Many consider their verse to be the best in the song.

JuanThugs also deserves recognition for achieving popularity while staying independent. Since 2008, they’ve been putting out masterpiece after masterpiece without the backing of major sponsors and labels. If you want to talk about passion and dedication to the craft, then they should be included in the conversation. They proved that you can make it big in music as long as you have the talent. Surely, they’ve had their downs, but they kept going, and look where it got them.

Sadly, just last week, we found out that Inozent One has passed away. We made this piece in honor of his work and to remind the younger generation about his significant contributions to the culture. Once again, rest in peace, Sir Inozent one. We promise to keep your legacy alive by playing and promoting your music. To Sir Blingzy One, we hope you remain active and continue giving us great music. How about you? What’s your favorite JuanThugs song and/or moment? Feel free to share them in the comments section. You can check out their tracks and music videos on their official YouTube channel. Let’s continue supporting Philippine hip-hop!