• Hometown: La Union/Sta. Mesa
  • Reppin: Rep The Hood, Shots Fired, Black Rose Tattoo
  • Division: Metro Manila
  • Year Joined: 2011

Pricetagg’s solid lyricism in one of his old tracks impressed the FlipTop staff so much that they decided to give him a battle at the first Zoning event. He took on Badang, and just like his songs, he represented Gangsta Rap to the fullest. After a victorious debut, Pricetagg’s winning streak continued. He was officially declared a top tier emcee when he defeated Batas at Ahon 7.

Up to now, the La Union-born rapper is still undefeated in 1-on-1 matches. He is well-known not only for his swag, but also for his creative “gun bars” and hard-hitting personals. Whatever firearm you have in mind, he probably has mentioned it already in his battles. Pricetagg aims to continue his success in music. His debut solo album Barcode was released in early 2019, which featured the hit song Kontrabida.


Sinio/Tipsy D vs PriceTagg/Kris Delano

Bwelta Balentong 4 Dos Por Dos 2017

PriceTagg/Kris Delano vs Pistolero/Prince Rhyme

Unibersikulo 5 Dos Por Dos 2017

Batas vs PriceTagg

Ahon 7 (Day 1) Non-Tournament