The Famous Battling Styles in FlipTop (Part 3)

We are now at the third chapter. Get to know the popular battling techniques in FlipTop.

Jake Tan
April 22, 2024

For 14 years, the emcees of FlipTop have introduced various styles of rapping to us. Some made an impact while some faded into obscurity but one thing is for sure: it shows how diverse this art form and the league’s lineup are. Today, we’re going to talk about the techniques commonly used up to now. These styles helped elevate not only the battle scene but also rapping as a whole.

This is part three so if you haven’t read the previous two, you can check them out here and here. Make sure you show these to new fans as well. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to learn about the terms and how they shaped a rapper’s identity. Let’s begin!

Performance art
There’s still rapping involved but performance art in a battle rap setting also incorporates outside elements such as props and costumes. These elements should still be related to the opponent for them to be effective. Tweng, Shernan, Hazky, and SirDeo are some of the emcees who usually represent this style. It’s hit or miss but when it’s a hit, it leaves a lasting impression to the viewers.

It involves creating a narrative that leads to devastating punchlines. Storytelling in battle rap can be serious, funny, fictional, or reality-based. It’s all up to the creativity of the emcee to make it work. Just like telling stories in other mediums, the plot needs to be consistent and the images should be vivid because if not, then the crowd won’t be interested in it at all.

When an emcee mentions, for example, various films as metaphors, they’re using movie references in their rounds. It’s basically incorporating different objects, places, and/or people in a verse to add more creativity to the lines. Of course, like with performance art, it should still connect to the opponent or the main theme. 

While some emcees prefer to spit bar after bar after bar, there are those who choose to focus on a central subject. These subjects are called angles. For example, when a rapper decides to focus on their opponent’s love life in round one, the love life is the main angle. When a rapper talks about the competition’s previous loss, the loss is their angle. It needs originality and imagination for to generate a loud reaction and hurt the adversary. 

The majority of battle emcees today are armed with the sickest wordplays and metaphors you will ever hear. However, there are also a few who prefer the in-your-face method. Instead of relying on technical writing, they will go straight to the point with their punchlines. For a direct style of battling to work, an emcee needs to be convincing with both his writing and delivery.

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So which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section. You can also tell us if we missed something, so we can include them in part four. FlipTop is currently uploading the battles from the recent Won Minutes Luzon. Check them all out and don’t be surprised if you’ll hear some new styles. The new batch has a lot of promising emcees!