• Hometown: Naga
  • Reppin: Juan Dela Crew, NCHC, Crazy Family, Barrio De Bara
  • Division: Calabarzon
  • Year Joined: 2016

Towpher travelled for over 20 hours from Naga to Calabarzon just to participate at the fifth Process of Illumination tryouts. The long drive didn’t stop him from giving a solid performance, which landed him a spot in the league’s roster. In his debut battle against Tikboy at Kataga 3, he captivated the crowd with his brilliant combination of serious and humorous bars. Towpher continued to collect impressive wins, the most recent of which was against Marshall Bonifacio at Ahon 10.

He and CripLi joined forces at Ahon 7 to take on Lanzeta and Invictus, and were able to score a unanimous decision win. Up to now, fans often refer to the aforementioned match as one of the best battles of 2016. The duo then took part at the 2017 Dos Por Dos Tournamet, and despite losing the first round, they still managed to leave the crowd in awe.


Towpher vs Marshall Bonifacio

Ahon 10 (Day 2) Non-Tournament

Damsa vs Towpher

Unibersikulo 7 Non-Tournament

Asser vs Towpher

Ahon 9 (Day 2) Non-Tournament