Ahon 13 Venue Information

What is the setup of the Ahon 13 venue? Find out here!

Anonymous Staff
December 09, 2022

For those who are wondering about the overall look of the venue, here is the official map of the FlipTop Warehouse. VIP ticket holders will get access to the front of the battle stage. Nothing is more exciting than witnessing all of the intense battles up close. However, please take note that you’re not allowed to climb the stage or watch from the side. Behind the VIP area is the section for the Gen Ad ticketholders. There will also be drink stalls on the left side and food and merch vendors at the back. For ticket reservations and inquiries, you may send a private message to the league’s official Facebook page. Here's a map of the venue itself including the parking (take note of the instructions about traveling from Shaw or Ortigas Ave.):

Only one week left before you become part of Philippine hip-hop history! We’ll see you all at the 13th edition of Ahon! Make sure you check out our pre-event review for days one and two. It’s the first Ahon with a live crowd since 2019 so expect a memorable experience all throughout. If you want to get hyped up even more, then don’t forget to watch the latest FlipTop uploads here.



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