Why Unibersikulo 12 is exciting?

Unibersikulo 12 is just around the corner. We’ll explain to you why it’s going to be a historic event.

Dante Romero
June 26, 2024

This Saturday, FlipTop will hold the 12th Unibersikulo at Tiu Theater in Makati. There was no Unibersikulo last year and the 2022 edition was considered by many to be one of the best events of the league, so part 12 has some big shoes to fill. Based on the lineup, it can certainly be as epic as or even much better than the 2022 affair. Let us explain further why Unibersikulo 12 is something you shouldn’t miss!

Obviously, the first reason that comes to mind is the return of veterans Tipsy D and CripLi. Tipsy D’s last battle in FlipTop took place in 2021 while CripLi’s previous match was in 2022. Fans can’t wait to hear their witty lines and creative angles once again. Let’s not sleep on their opponents though! Batang Rebelde and Frooz have stepped their game up further lately, giving some of their finest performances yet. We’re optimistic they will give us a show we won’t forget. Like with other battles in FlipTop, always expect the unexpected!

Unibersikulo 12 is where we will see the last two quarterfinal battles for the 2024 Isabuhay Tournament. EJ Power vs Romano and Sur Henyo vs GL, on paper, are potential candidates for the battle of the year. If you’ve watched their first round battles, you can see how dedicated they are to winning the championship. Not only did they spit their best rhymes to date, but they also displayed impeccable crowd control and delivery. Their overall styles evolved, and now that they’re in the next round, expect them to continue reaching a higher level. 

The future is looking very bright for the league, especially with the addition of these new emcees. Unibersikulo 12 has four battles featuring some of the most renowned up-and-comers in the battle rap scene. Bisente, Jawz, Blzr, Freek, Lord Manuel, Philos, Shaboy, and Dodong Saypa gave us a preview of their greatness in Won Minutes and now, we believe they will go full force in their respective matches. If you’re unfamiliar with them, this is your chance to witness their skills up close. It’s a very diverse lineup of styles. You will hear comedy, pure technical, hardcore, unorthodox, and even street. You can check their matches from Won Minutes or the underground leagues. Promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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So what are your predictions for the event? Who do you think will win? What will be the battle of the night? Will we see an upset? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Unfortunately, all Unibersikulo 12 tickets are SOLD OUT, so apologies to those who weren’t able to purchase. For those who have already bought, we’ll see you all on June 29! The gates open at 4PM and the program starts at 6PM. Make sure you arrive a bit earlier to avoid the long lines. There are still a few days left, so while we wait for Saturday, don’t forget to check out the latest uploads from Gubat 13 and watch out for the next ones. FlipTop, mag ingay!