Black Widow (feat. Miki Hahn)

Introubled Waters EP
Producer: Skarm


Disguised as a heavenly body, a source of energy

Intense chemistry, life became a melody

I don't believe in destiny

But hitting rock bottom hard illustrates and creates a new identity

Misery in its torturous form

When the snakes show their colors and decide to transform

Crumbling in my world of the norm

So I anticipate the wrath of the storm

It's the darkest mentality of Never Before

Spark, this reality with clever words or more

Lived, every second inside these Judas walls

Now I hear the footsteps of a sinister Force

Free Fall, To a hole.. When the stress takes its tole

The pain invades the soul

Dead, left like your incomplete

Thinking demented thoughts as they creep in your sleep

The dreams are unreal, speak impossible ends

I was fooled goddamn it, Never will I fall and never again

A testament of pain and how to take cover

Cause if you fail in this test? You end up 6 feet under

Black Widow

She got the claws, the fangs

She make you do thangs while shez biting on your flesh

Black Wid-o-ow

A cobweb of plans, secretly plotting Demands,

To make you less of a man

Black Widow

No truth in these lies, She's got every move down with those devilish eyes

Black Widow

And we never know why

But we prepare for the clouds that come with blood in the sky (What!)


Miki Hahn:

Bear This pain

It's only momentary

Bear This pain

It's only momentary





I wrote this, to share an image of pain

In my hands, I carry grains of ashes and remains

A world snatched away, by a natural phase

The most familiar place could crumble through betrayal and shame and its...

A struggle to not know, the truth behind the lies

Cuz only the cause of this will ever know! You battling your ego

Searching for a reason that will never exist with these defensive people

So I equip myself for this unbearable pain

Strap myself with my strengths cuz things will never be the same!

A world that stood still is now moving away

I've gone astray speechless with nothing to say

Motionless from the chains

My security became the fire that ignited change

Drowning in flames


My security became the fire that ignited change

Drowning in flames


Miki Hahn:

I'm fading away (It’s mayday, it's mayday, it's mayday)

Coming this close to the End of my day

I'm moving away

I'll stay in search for better ways

Moving away

Coming this close to the end of my day

I’m fading away (It's mayday, it's mayday, it's mayday)

I'll stay in search for better days


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