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From A Fan’s Perspective: What I Want to See in Isabuhay 2024

We asked a longtime FlipTop fan what their expectations are for this year’s Isabuhay Tournament.

Anonymous Battle Fan
February 14, 2024

Since 2013, Isabuhay has been one of the most must-see spectacles in FlipTop Battle League. 16 top emcees, a mix of veterans and up-and-comers, face off in a single-elimination tournament until there’s only one left standing. The winner takes home the cash prize and the championship title. Now that we are on the 11th leg of this action-packed contest, here are some of the things I, and I believe the majority of the fanbase, want to see in 2024. 

Isabuhay has always been known for its unpredictability, so I’m expecting another tournament filled with upset victories, dark horse moments, breakout performances, and rap clinics. Hopefully, we’ll also see something one-of-a-kind; something we haven’t seen in the previous editions, either style or antics-wise. What exactly is it? It’s up to the emcees. Consider this a challenge from all of us FlipTop fans. Break free from the typical stuff we see and hear and get creative. 

As for the lineup, I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to see some “old gods” or big names on stage. Of course, I want to see established names here and I have a feeling I will. We’ll just have to wait for the official list! However, I also want to witness the new breed step up. I wouldn’t even mind if a rookie emcee ends up becoming champion. I just wish for a diverse roster of rappers, all of whom will bring their A-game and leave us in awe. If ever the brackets don’t meet your expectations, my advice to you is to still watch. Trust me, as a supporter of battle rap way before FlipTop began, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to never ever sleep on a lineup. You might miss something historic or game-changing if you choose to ignore an event just because your favorites are not in it. 

Lastly, I hope this year’s Isabuhay will be as memorable as or hopefully even exceed the previous ones. This tournament, with its exciting matchups, helped me get through hard times and also inspired me to try out writing. It’s safe to say that thanks to this contest, I grew to love the art of rap much, much more. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for us in 2024.

How about you? What are your expectations for this year’s Isabuhay Tournament? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. Let’s also continue supporting the non-tournament battles. There are plenty more videos to be uploaded from Ahon 14. My favorite so far is Zend Luke vs Emar Industriya. Now, that’s the type of “meta” I would love to see more of in the league. I’ve learned a lot of new Tagalog words from them. Kudos to both emcees and I hope they’re both part of Isabuhay 2024. To those who will officially be joining, good luck to you all, and make sure you give us plenty of unforgettable moments. Now, Anygma, it’s time for you to publish the lineup! We are patiently waiting!

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