Batang Rebelde

  • Hometown: Cavite
  • Reppin: Lo’ Waist Gang, Blast Music, Exodus
  • Division: Calabarzon
  • Year Joined: 2011

Batang Rebelde made his FlipTop debut in December of 2011, scoring an impressive victory against Jonas. He then joined the first Dos Por Dos Tournament with Rapido and even though they lost the first round, the crowd still enjoyed their performance. The Tanza-based rapper continued his solo battling career, showcasing his unique blend of humor and technical bars. This style can be seen in full force in his battle versus Frooz at 2017’s Zoning event.

He participated in three Isabuhay Tournaments and despite never advancing from the first round, it didn’t stop him from remaining active in the battle arena. Batang Rebelde is truly one of the most dedicated emcees in the league. As for his songs, most of them are available on his YouTube channel.


Sur Henyo vs Kregga vs Batang Rebelde vs LilStrocks vs Bagsik

Ahon 13 (Day 2) Royal Rumble

Batang Rebelde vs Prince Rhyme

Zoning 15 Non-Tournament

Batang Rebelde vs MastaFeat

Second Sight 10 Non-Tournament