• Hometown: Pasig City
  • Reppin: Myself
  • Division: Metro Manila
  • Year Joined: 2010

Harlem’s first FlipTop appearance was at Second Sight in 2010, where he won against Apekz in a freestyle match. From there, he continued battling and scored a few noteworthy victories. The Pasig-based rapper became well-known not only for his confident delivery, but for his complex multis, witty jokes, and hard punches as well. In 2012, he and Juan Lazy decided to participate at the Dos Por Dos Tournament. The duo lost at the finals, but there’s no doubt that they made the contest much more entertaining. Their battles with Apoc and Dhictah and Papew and Melchrist are now considered classics. Harlem made his return to battling in 2020, maintaining his multisyllabic rhyming ability and intense stage presence. His battle with Zend Luke is a candidate for battle of the year (2021).

When he’s not on the battle stage, Harlem is active in music. He and his group Schizophrenia have released a number of tracks, all of which enjoyed considerable success. The music video for their song “Masarap” now has over 5 million views on YouTube.


Harlem vs J-Blaque

Ahon 13 (Day 2) Non-Tournament

Harlem vs Luxuria

Bwelta Balentong 9 Isabuhay 2022

Harlem vs C-Quence

Second Sight 10 Isabuhay 2022