Hometown: Cebu
Reppin: 3GS, Indika, Sevenwordz Production
Division: Visayas
Year Joined: 2014

Asser started out at the Ubec Mindfields Tryouts, where he was crowned the champion. In his debut battle at Gubat 1, he proved that he truly belongs in the league. If you go one-on-one with Asser, expect him to break your rapping style down in the most creative why. He will expose all of your weaknesses using well-written multis and a fast-paced flow.

What makes him special is that despite his fast way of rapping, you can still understand every word. His first battle with Rapido remains to be one of the best face-offs in FlipTop. Asser is also passionate when it comes to music. In early 2017, he independently released his solo album entitled Walang Permanente.


Asser vs Fangs

Gubat 10


Tweng vs Asser

Gubat 9


Apekz vs Asser

Zoning 2019

Isabuhay 2019